900 Global

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
74 Response Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
1500 Grit Polished
Red / Blue / Carbon
Core Info
Identity Asymmetric
Total Diff:0.054
Int. Diff:0.024

The 900 Global Dream is all new, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out. In addition to sporting the new 900 Global logo, the Dream is the first 900 Global ball to feature a color scheme with three different colors. They did not stop with just the visual changes with the Dream, as this ball uses both a brand new core design and coverstock. The Dream features a low RG, high differential design called Identity Asymmetric. The coverstock is called 74 Response Pearl, which provided our testers with moderate length with a booming recovery downlane.

The Dream had its best reaction on our medium test pattern. Cranker had the best reaction of the three testers. He was nearly ten boards farther left at the arrows and he was getting the ball five boards farther right than the other two testers. The Dream gave him plenty of recovery, allowing for maximum pin carry. Tweener and Stroker liked their reactions also, just not as much as Cranker. The shiny pearl cover had them playing closer to each other when this pattern was fresh. They found more success going more up the lane than swinging the ball like Cranker. We had no reason to change the surface on any of the test balls on this pattern.

We moved to the heavy test pattern next. Cranker again had the best reaction with the Dream. He was able to keep this ball at the box finish, moving his feet right and squaring up his target to the lane. The other two testers needed a little more help on this slicker condition. They removed the polish with a 2000 grit pad. This change to a rougher finish allowed these testers to find the extra hook and recovery they needed on this pattern.

Cranker again liked this ball best on the sport pattern. The core got the Dream to start up early enough to keep him from missing the breakpoint. Stroker and Tweener had a slightly more difficult time controlling the pocket on this pattern. Both testers removed the polish with a 4000 pad, getting the Dream to read stronger in the midlane on this flatter condition.

The dry test pattern offered little reaction to this high performance ball. We had much better luck with the All Night and the Boost on the lower volume pattern.

Performance Ratings

The Dream packs quite a punch at the breakpoint. The polished pearl cover retains energy well.
The pearl cover comes at a 1500 Grit Polished box finish, a different setup for a 900 Global product. This finishing process provides good length on medium volumes of oil.
Back End
The Dream's pearl coverstock can cover a good amount of boards at the back end. Bowlers with higher rev rates can stand left and give this one plenty of room.
Total Hook
The Dream has the most hook out of the new crop of products we tested from 900 Global. Even with the polish, the Dream still easily handled our medium test pattern.

Strengths: The Dream offers a strong midlane read followed by a strong back end reaction. We liked the recovery we saw at the back end.

Weaknesses: Only a flood can keep the Dream from being an option for use. This ball was best on medium volume patterns.

Overall Summary: The Dream is the high performance product in the new Engineer line for 900 Global. This ball is all new and it offers a new reaction shape to the brand.