900 Global
Respect (2018)

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
79 Alert Hybrid
Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:
1500 Grit Polished
Blue / Silver / Steel
Core Info
Tetra Symmetric
Total Diff:0.052
Int. Diff:NA

The Respect is a remake of the original hybrid version from four years ago, with all of the same elements from the original. The coverstock is the 79 Alert Hybrid formulation, which comes out of the box at a 1500 grit polished finish. The Tetra Symmetric core is used in its original low RG (2.49″) and high differential (0.052″) design. The length created by the Respect’s polished box finish allowed it to glide effortlessly through the fronts and pick up very heavily in the midlane across all of our test oil patterns.

The overall hook level of the Respect matched up best for all three of our testers on our medium pattern. It was very responsive to the dry at the end of the pattern on the fresh for all three testers. The strong revving action from the Tetra core helped keep it from pushing too far down the lane before making its move to the pocket. All three testers were able to start with their feet and targets three boards left with the Respect compared to where they played with the Eon. The motion off the breakpoint was similar, with the Respect digging a little harder in the oil and offering more total hook. As the pattern started to transition, we started to prefer the Eon or the Honey Badger. The Respect was so strong ...

Performance Ratings

Back End
Total Hook