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The Eagle Pearl

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
S70 Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
Core Info
Total Diff:0.058
Int. Diff:0.024

The Eagle Pearl is the newest ball carrying the Eagle name. It uses the core from the original Eagle with a polished pearl version of the s70 coverstock. This gives users easier length with a stronger change of direction at the breakpoint than any previous Eagle release.

This gave us the best reaction on our medium test pattern. All three testers were able to strike with ease on this pattern. This core has been really good to us from its birth through all of its incarnations. The addition of a pearlized coverstock gave us even more down lane recovery. We never had to make any change to the coverstock for the duration of the testing session on this pattern.

The dry test pattern gave us our next best reaction. Tweener and Stroker had the better reaction, moving a good five boards left of where they were on the medium pattern. Cranker struggled with the big back end motion on the shorter pattern. He used a 4000 Abralon pad to get The Eagle Pearl to burn off energy and give him a less violent move at the back end.

Moving to the heavy pattern, Cranker was the only tester able to strike with The Eagle Pearl at the box finish. Stroker and Tweener needed to adjust the surface to find some extra hook on this slicker pattern. Both testers knocked the cover down with a nEat pad. The rougher surface got them to the pocket.

All three testers had an average reaction on our sport pattern. We liked it more and more on this pattern as it transitioned. The oil carrying down gave our testers more hold and helped calm down The Eagle Pearl from jumping into the headpin on shots that were inside of target.

Performance Ratings

The pearl polished coverstock keeps its energy for a big transition down the lane. The move at the breakpoint sets this ball up for a nice change of direction at the back end.
The polished veneer of The Eagle Pearl wastes very little energy in the oil. The polish helps this ball pop hard off the breakpoint.
Back End
The back end is where bowlers will see the majority of motion from The Eagle Pearl. It did not matter if we attacked the lanes down and in or swinging the ball to the breakpoint, the back end recovery was always present with this ball.
Total Hook
This ball can cover a good amount of boards for a shiny pearl ball. It hooks slightly less than the previous solid sanded Eagle balls.

Strengths: The strong change of direction and hitting power at the pins are what we liked best about The Eagle Pearl. A good, proven weight block this time is matched up with a proven pearlized coverstock.

Weaknesses: Only heavy oil patterns will keep this Eagle from soaring. Bowlers can remove the polish or choose the Black Eagle for these types of conditions.

Overall Summary: While this Eagle has slightly less total hook, it makes up for it by offering a different shape going down the lane. Bowlers who want to see more skid and flip from their ball will want to look into this one.