900 Global
The Eagle

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
S70 Reactive
Reactive Solid
Box Finish:
4000 Abralon
Core Info
Total Diff:0.058
Int. Diff:0.024

The Eagle is a remake of one of the most successful balls in the history of 900 Global, the Break Out. The Eagle features the same asymmetric core as the Break Out, as well as the same S70 solid reactive coverstock. The idea behind The Eagle is to give bowlers a chance to use the same ball that was used to win the All Events title of the USBC Open Championships as well as the USBC Masters, both held at the National Bowling Stadium.

We found this ball to match up best with our heavy oil test pattern. The amount of oil on this pattern allowed all three testers to see the ball store enough energy to give a strong back end reaction. As strong as The Eagle is, traction through this oil was not an issue for any of the testers. Stroker and Tweener lowered the surface to 1000 Abralon and were able to play significantly deeper than usual on this pattern.

On the medium test pattern, the speed and lower rev rates of Tweener and Stroker were the reason they once again had a better reaction on the medium test pattern than Cranker. Heavy handed styles will want to make sure to use longer pin-to-PAP layouts as well as polishing the surface to try and help control the back end movement on most medium conditions.

The Eagle is not a ball of choice for drier conditions. The strength of the ball simply uses too much energy on our short, dry test pattern. Even when we polished the cover, it still was just too much overall hook.

As the design of the Break Out proved with its accomplishments last season, The Eagle will soar on sport patterns. The adhesion to the lane through oil, along with the change of direction down lane make The Eagle a ball that will see much use on heavy to medium heavy oil patterns.

Performance Ratings

It was really hard for us to throw this ball through the breakpoint. The midlane read sets up a strong breakpoint move. Despite being a solid reactive coverstock, The Eagle turns the corner sharply.
The 4000 Abralon finish gives The Eagle plenty of traction in heavy oil. Adding polish created enough length for it to handle medium conditions as well.
Back End
The strong midlane and breakpoint give the ball plenty of back end potential. The amount of head oil will determine how much energy is saved for the back end.
Total Hook
The total overall hook of The Eagle gives it the ability to handle anything from medium to heavy oil. Even those with lower rev rates will see movement in the midlane and back end.

Strengths: The core and cover combination of The Eagle gives players a strong change of direction for a ball with a non-polished finish. The continuous back end allows players to keep the box finish without sacrificing pin carry.

Weaknesses: As with the Break Out, bowlers of all styles will struggle with The Eagle as lanes start to dry up. Polish will help combat the early friction created with a stronger ball.

Overall Summary: Traction in oil combined with recovery in the back end made the Break Out a ball that matched up at the National Bowling Stadium last bowling season. Everything we loved about the Break Out is back, with the added benefit of a high game prize fund available for players using The Eagle during the USBC national tournament in Reno.