Incinerate Pearl

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
F73 Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
Black / Orange
Core Info
Total Diff:0.050
Int. Diff:NA

This ball modified the RG from the core design used in the first Incinerate. The higher RG and pearl F73 coverstock are both in place to give the Incinerate Pearl more length and a stronger change of direction at the breakpoint and back end.

This ball was built to complement the original Incinerate and that is exactly what it does, giving us a much better reaction on our medium test pattern. The polished cover easily glided through the front, picked up strongly at the breakpoint, and made its move to the pocket. While Stroker and Cranker could get to the pocket, they had nowhere near the success Tweener did. Cranker saw the core offer too much length, giving him some unwanted wiggle at the breakpoint. Stroker saw the same and had a difficult time kicking out the corner. Tweener by far had the best reaction on this pattern. He was able to take full advantage of this cover and core combination, having hold on shots he missed in and just amazing recovery on shots that got to the dry quicker. The pins acted like his ball weighed twenty pounds.

Moving to the dry test pattern, Stroker’s reaction was best. His lower rev rate kept the Incinerate Pearl on line to the pocket easier than the other two testers. The extra friction also allowed him to have added hit at the pins, eliminating the flat leaves he was having on the medium pattern. The other two testers needed to add more speed to their delivery to help combat the drier conditions.

On the slick test pattern, we needed some extra surface to help bite through the oil. All three testers took down the Incinerate Pearl to a nEat finish, which gave us overlap with the original Incinerate.

This ball give us a little too much skid/flip on our sport pattern at the box finish. We would recommend the Incinerate Pearl when the Incinerate starts to hook too early or too much.

Performance Ratings

The polished coverstock and higher RG core combine to give the Incinerate Pearl a stronger change of direction when it sees friction than the Incinerate had. Bowlers who had problems with the Incinerate burning up will like the added pop at the breakpoint.
The pearlized coverstock with the polished finish easily skids through the front of the lane. The high RG core helps promote more length.
Back End
The cover and core combination promotes a substantial move at the breakpoint. The Incinerate Pearl offers much more back end than its solid counterpart.
Total Hook
While the Incinerate Pearl has more back end and torque than the solid Incinerate, it is noticeably less in the total hook department. That is no surprise for a polished pearlized coverstock.

Strengths: The Incinerate Pearl will give bowlers a skid/flip motion with its strong coverstock. It will fit below the Incinerate Solid and above the Solar Flare and Heat Stroke.

Weaknesses: This ball will struggle on heavy volumes of oil. Those types of conditions are where the original Incinerate will be the ball to use.

Overall Summary: The Incinerate Pearl is the ball of choice from the AMF line up for a skid/snap motion on medium type conditions. Bowlers who need a ball to shell down to when the Incinerate starts to hook too early will want to check out the Incinerate Pearl.