Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Activator Plus
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
500 SiaAir / Rough Buff
Black Pearl / Emerald Pearl
Core Info
Total Diff:0.047
Int. Diff:NA

The Anaconda continues the use of past successful Brunswick cores and uses the new Activator Plus coverstock. The Activator Plus cover is wrapped around a modified Inferno weight block which is one of the most successful cores in Brunswick history. The combination of the two creates the strong, consistent motion that made the Inferno line so popular.

On the oily test pattern, all three testers were able to find the pocket with Cranker having the best overall reaction. Higher rev rates will need to square up a touch but that’s it. Those with medium to low rev rates will want to add a bit more surface in order to create a stronger read of the midlane, creating a better entry angle into the pocket. Balls that offer strong controlled motion throughout the entire lane usually excel on sport patterns. The Anaconda is no different.

All three testers had the best reaction on the medium test pattern. The box finish gave the Anaconda moderate length, a strong read of the midlane, and good continuation through the back end. This ball showed a tremendous amount of versatility due to its usefulness on all our test patterns.  The Anaconda can be used on virtually all conditions with the proper surface changes and layouts. It takes surface adjustments with ease. A weaker pin-to-PAP drilling with a polished veneer will give added length to the Anaconda on drier patterns. Strong layouts and added surface will allow it to be used on longer, heavier patterns.

On the drier test pattern, all three testers were able to get it to the pocket but the carry wasn’t ideal. Those bowling on drier conditions will want to raise the underlying grit and add polish. This should help increase the length as well as save more energy for the pins.

All three testers were able to use the Anaconda with its box finish on our sport pattern. Those bowling on oilier sport patterns will want to add more surface, while those bowling on drier conditions will want to add more polish.

Performance Ratings

The Anaconda is strongest in the middle part of the lane. This strong midlane roll gives it a strong arcing motion at the breakpoint.
The factory finish gives the Anaconda moderate length, allowing it to match up best with most medium oil patterns. Those looking to use the Anaconda on heavier patterns will need to knock the shine off the surface.
Back End
The strength in the midlane translates into a strong arc at the back end of the lane. The back end reaction offers ultimate control.
Total Hook
The overall hook potential of the Anaconda is best suited for a medium oil pattern. The easy revs and strong midlane motion make the Anaconda an excellent benchmark choice for many bowlers.

Strengths: If you loved the Absolute Inferno, then you will want to pick up an Anaconda. The combination of the low RG core and Activator Plus cover allows for a big strong arc.

Weaknesses: The Anaconda will have trouble on extremely wet or extremely dry lane conditions. An extremely wet pattern can be overcome with the right surface, while an extremely dry condition will require a combination of a weak layout, a much higher grit surface, and a large amount of polish.

Overall Summary: The Anaconda offers a strong but very controllable ball motion on a large array of oil patterns. This will be an easy decision for those who have had the pleasure of owning an Absolute Inferno (and those who were beaten by one).