Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Savvy Solid
Reactive Solid
Box Finish:
500 SiaAir / Royal Compound / Royal Shine
Core Info
Total Diff:0.050
Int. Diff:NA

The Melee is the first solid single-colored ball since the C(System) Versa-Max. The ball stores a good amount of energy, while not over-skidding in the oil.

This heavy rolling ball gave us our best look on the medium test pattern. Cranker and Tweener really liked it on this pattern. They felt they could be as aggressive as they wanted at the bottom of the swing without the Melee going sideways when it saw friction. Stroker had a good reaction on this pattern as well, but it just was not as good as Cranker and Tweener saw. We did not feel we would be doing this ball any justice by altering the coverstock on this pattern.

We also left it at the box finish on the dry test pattern. The polished cover gave Tweener and Stroker enough skid to allow them to open up the lane on this shorter pattern. Cranker saw a little too much hook for his liking until he started projecting the Melee farther out on to the lane. The loft gave him the extra length to catch up to Tweener and Stroker.

Stroker and Tweener needed to remove the polish with a 2000 SiaAir pad for our heavy test pattern. The added surface texture gave them the grip they were lacking from the box finish. Cranker was able to keep this ball at the box finish on this pattern also. He moved his feet right and was straighter through the front with his angles and was able to strike plenty.

Tweener and Stroker made the same surface adjustment on the sport pattern as they did on the heavy pattern to find their best lines to the pocket. Cranker again liked the box finish best on this pattern. We usually see too much angle when a polished ball exits this pattern, but the Melee rolled so heavily in the mid-lane for Cranker, he was able to control the back end just fine.

Performance Ratings

This is one of the heaviest rolling balls we have thrown in a while. This resulted in all three testers having increased pin carry on all our test patterns.
The polished solid coverstock provides medium length for all styles of bowlers. This ball at the box finish is best suited for medium oil conditions.
Back End
This ball is just shy of being a skid/flip reaction. The back end is a really strong movement, but it's more on the arc side than flip.
Total Hook
The Melee is the most versatile of this month’s Brunswick releases. It fits right between the Mastermind and the Ringer Platinum Pearl in reaction shape and total hook.

Strengths: The Melee offers a unique motion going down the lane. The ball is remarkably clean through the front while picking up strongly in the midlane with an arcing motion through the back end.

Weaknesses: There is little the Melee cannot do on the lane. Our lower rev testers had a few problems on the heavy oil test pattern.

Overall Summary: The Melee is the most versatile release we have seen from Brunswick in quite a while. This ball can find use in almost any bowler’s bag.