Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Chemical Projection Technology (CPT)
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
500 SiaAir / Rough Buff / High Gloss
Burgundy Pearl
Core Info
Total Diff:0.038
Int. Diff:NA

Brunswick’s latest low mid-price addition is the new Ringer. This ball features a new medium RG core combined with the Chemical Projection Technology coverstock used on the C(System) balls The solid version of this cover has been used on the Versa and Maxxed out, while the last time we saw a pearl version was on the Ulti-Max.

This combination of cover and core matched up best with our medium test pattern. While all three testers liked their reaction on this pattern, Cranker liked it best. He had easy length through the front and a smooth, strong arc-shaped motion off the breakpoint. For him, this ball went through the pins the right way over and over. Stroker and Tweener liked their look but both had to move just a bit farther right to get the proper angle through the pins.

Only Cranker was able to use this ball at the box finish on the heavy test pattern. He made a big move right with his feet and target while slowing down his ball speed. All three testers removed the High Gloss Polish with a 2000 SiaAir pad to get some added traction on this pattern. The added grip to the lane helped, but was still not as good as the motion from the Paranormal Aura.

We had much better luck on our short pattern. The smooth arcing motion down lane controlled the breakpoint and got all three testers to the pocket. Tweener’s and Cranker’s reactions did not last too long, but they usually would be throwing balls with weaker shells on this type of pattern.

Cranker and Stroker liked their reactions on the sport pattern. The predictable nature of this ball allowed them to play two very different lines to the pocket. Stroker was able to go down the second arrow playing very direct. Cranker was able to cross around the third arrow, giving it room out to around the eight board, and watching it come back without over-reacting to the friction. Tweener was stuck in the middle of these two reactions. He needed the aid of a 4000 SiaAir pad to get the Ringer started just a bit earlier on this pattern.

Performance Ratings

The breakpoint is one you have to experience first hand to give it justice. While it is smooth and predictable, it has plenty of continuation.
The High Gloss Polish box finish provides good length to the Ringer. Despite the shiny finish, it was hard to throw this one through the breakpoint.
Back End
The back end motion is strong and predictable. The Ringer does not turn on a dime. Instead, it provides a controlled arc to the pocket.
Total Hook
The Ringer is being introduced into the price point with the Karmas. We have this one just under the Solid Karma with a different motion than the Purple/Pink.

Strengths: Cranker really liked the shape this ball provided. Even with polish, he was able to cover a lot of boards.

Weaknesses: There is little this ball cannot handle. With the proper adjustments and lane play, most players will be able to throw this ball on nearly any condition.

Overall Summary: The Ringer uses a new core shape and surrounds it with a cover Brunswick has used before. The motion is different than any current Brunswick ball.