Columbia 300
Cuda PowerCOR

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
ERT Solid
Reactive Solid
Box Finish:
500 / 1500 SiaAir
Burgundy / Black
Core Info
Cuda PowerCOR
Total Diff:0.047
Int. Diff:NA

The Cuda PowerCOR continues two trends in the Columbia 300 line: reviving old nameplates and using the new PowerCOR nugget as part of the core design. It shares its name with its symmetrical lightbulb-shaped core that is reminiscent of the original, but it uses different materials. The Cuda PowerCOR features the ERT Solid coverstock that was recently used on the Power Torq, finished at 500/1500 SiaAir to provide plenty of traction to an already strong coverstock.

Cranker really liked the motion he saw from the Cuda PowerCOR on the heavy oil test pattern. The rough coverstock managed to grip the lane without losing continuation at the back end, so he could open his angles and not worry about the ball hitting weak at the pins. The ball handled the oil easily and had no trouble making it back to the pocket as he started to move left in transition. The Cuda PowerCOR needed some oil in the front to be at its best, but he was able to cover more boards than the Power Torq with a smoother motion than the Speed. He could see some lane shine building up on his cover due to how dull the ball started, so he used a shammy to keep the surface as fresh as possible and to prevent the ball from over-skidding. Cranker had the best reaction of the three bowlers on the medium oil pattern. He was able to really open his angles through the front and he loved how predictable the motion ...

Performance Ratings

Back End
Total Hook