Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
HK22 - Inciter Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
500 / 1000 / 1500 SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound
Gold / Silver / Emerald
Core Info
Total Diff:0.038
Int. Diff:NA

The new DV8 Captiv8 uses a higher RG (2.532″) and lower differential (0.038″) symmetrical core design. It also features Brunswick’s new HK22 base formula for the Inciter Pearl veneer. This ball comes out of the box finished with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound. We found the Captiv8 to be clean through the front and smooth off the end of the pattern. For a ball that is smoother when it sees dry, the Captiv8 was very good through the pin deck. Our testers needed this ball to see some friction from the lane surface, but the Captiv8 was extremely effective when it had the hook it needed.

Stroker was very impressed with how well the Captiv8 went through the pins on the medium oil test pattern. The shiny finish and lower differential core design allowed him to be as straight as he wanted with his angles, with a strong but very predictable move to the pocket downlane. The closest ball in the current line he had to this reaction was the Diamond Diva, but even that ball required him to start about two boards farther left than where he started with the Captiv8. After the pattern had been broken down, the Captiv8 became more angular than the Diamond Diva for him, and he was able to take advantage of the stronger downlane move. The box finish was very good in offering easy length through the front and providing downlane recovery. Stroker’s reaction on the dry test pattern was nearly identical to what he had on the fresh medium pattern. The ball had a bit more shape to it at the breakpoint and more recovery downlane, thanks to the shorter oil. This meant a bit less hold, but more room for error to the outside compared to ...

Performance Ratings

Back End
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