Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Traxion Reactive 0.39
Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:
500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 Abralon
Black / Yellow / Blue
Core Info
Total Diff:0.051
Int. Diff:NA

The newest mid price addition to Ebonite’s product line is the Endure. This ball features a hybrid version of the Traxion 0.39 reactive coverstock used on both the NVD and Game Changer. The Endure uses the same weight block as the Elevate and surrounds it with a different veneer.

The 3000 Abralon finish gave us our best reaction on our medium test pattern. The Endure’s sanded coverstock created traction in the oil and allowed all three testers to play to their strengths. We saw a reaction that could really draw us a map of what pattern was out on the lane. All three testers could move in or out and still get to the pocket on this pattern. The test staff all applied a coat of Powerhouse Factory Finish to see how close the Endure would be to the Elevate. While the polish increased the length and gave us added back end, the Endure was still not as clean through the front or as angular down lane.

Cranker had the best look on the heavy test pattern and did not have to make any surface adjustments. Tweener and Stroker’s lower rev rates needed just a little more help getting the ball to face the pocket. Both of these testers lowered the finish to a fresh 2000 Abralon. The rougher shell created the friction necessary to help these two players get to the pocket on the longer oil pattern.

On the dry test pattern, all three testers raised the cover to 4000 Abralon and added a layer of Factory Finish polish. The polish created the length needed to push the Endure down the lane on our shortest test pattern. Cranker was able to move right on this pattern and let the ball do all the work getting back to the pocket. When the testers got too far left with this ball, it wanted to check too early and not go away from the pocket as much as they wanted to see.

The sport pattern offered a good look for all the testers. The strength of the cover allowed all the testers to have miss room right without sacrificing the pocket.

Performance Ratings

The change in coverstock from the polished cover of the Elevate to the 3000 Abralon of the Endure smoothes out the response to friction. This comes in handy when bowling on flatter or heavier oil patterns.
The sanded coverstock chews through the oil on the lane. The box finish makes the Endure usable on anything from heavy to medium oil patterns.
Back End
The back end reaction is less than the shiny finished Elevate. The Endure uses its energy quicker on the lane, smoothing down the reaction at the end of the lane.
Total Hook
The Endure will be the ball to turn to when there is too much oil for the Elevate to be consistent. The Endure’s rougher box finish will allow it to create friction where shiny balls will push through.

Strengths: The ability to take whatever is on the lane and adapt to it is a huge reason to have this ball occupy a space in your bag.

Weaknesses: Only patterns on opposite ends of the oil spectrum will struggle with the Endure. Anything from medium light to heavier volumes of oil will have the Endure in play.

Overall Summary: The Endure has a strong and smooth reaction all the way down the lane. Those with higher ball speeds or weaker releases will find the box finish works just fine. Those with slower speeds will need either a higher finish or some polishing.