Taboo Deep Purple

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Grand Theft Reactive IV Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
800 Abranet / 1000 / 2000 / 2000 Abralon
Deep Purple
Core Info
Total Diff:0.060
Int. Diff:0.016

Hammer told us the Jet Black was the last of the Taboo line, but then we were given these new Deep Purple Taboos. A selected few will have gotten to throw these early, as Hammer released a few as a “Made in the USA” version with no logos. The Deep Purple uses the same legendary Gas Mask core as the previous Taboos with a new pearlized coverstock.

The 2000 Abralon box finish matched up best with our heavy test pattern. Cranker had the best reaction and loved the traction the ball created in the midlane while still turning the corner strongly. Stroker and Tweener saw the same thing and they were able to take advantage and play farther left on this pattern than they usually can.

Stroker and Tweener were able to keep the Taboo Deep Purple at the box finish on the medium pattern. They both moved about seven boards with their feet and five boards with their targets from where they were playing the heavy pattern. Cranker could not get deep enough on the medium pattern. He was in front of the ball return sending the Taboo Deep Purple out to the five board at the breakpoint and still getting too much hook. We took Cranker’s Taboo and added Powerhouse Factory Finish right on top of the box finish. The added length allowed him to move back further right and get back to striking as much as Tweener and Stroker.

When we moved to the dry pattern, none of the testers could keep the Taboo Deep Purple out of the face. We raised the surfaces to a 4000 Abralon and applied Power House Extender Polish to all three test balls. With this cover adjustment we were able to find some success, but there is no valid reason to use a ball like this on drier conditions. There are better Hammer products for these types of patterns.

The Taboo Deep Purple impressed us on our sport pattern. We had nearly unlimited recovery at the back end and our look just got better as the oil carried down to create some hold.

Performance Ratings

While it is not as angular as the Jet Black, the Deep Purple is strong at the breakpoint. The box finish does not allow this one to be as strong at the spot as the Jet Black.
Even though this is a pearlized cover, it is still finished at 2000 Abralon. That is what keeps the length down. Raising the finish to a higher grit or polishing it will increase the length.
Back End
The back end is strong out of the Deep Purple. The rougher cover starts it up a little quicker and keeps the back end from being what it could at a higher finish.
Total Hook
The Deep Purple offers as much hook as any of the previous Taboos. The coverstock allows it to create traction in the oil, while keeping enough energy for a movement at the back end.

Strengths: The combination of a strong midlane and back end impressed us the most. There will be very few bowlers who will not be able to get this one to turn over down lane.

Weaknesses: Early friction will cause a less than desirable reaction for most bowlers. Polishing the cover will help for those stuck bowling on these type of conditions.

Overall Summary: Just when we thought we would not see another Taboo, out rolls the Deep Purple. This one combines the back end motion of the Jet Black with the midlane read of the Electric Blue.