Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
NF-40 Reactive Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
4000 Grit Polished
Titanium / Deep Sky Blue
Core Info
Total Diff:0.054
Int. Diff:0.016

Jet’s first asymmetrical core design comes to us in the Turbulence. This ball combines a strong core shape with the most versatile cover we have tested from Jet Bowling.

The Turbulence offered a phenomenal reaction on our medium test pattern. All three testers were able to produce hook in the oil, while maintaining a strong back end motion. All three could strike away from where they usually attack this pattern as well as when they cheated right or left with their feet. This ball kept the same motion as the pattern broke down. All testers just followed the oil and no matter how open their angles became, even Stroker with his lower rev rate got the Turbulence back to the pocket time after time. Usually when Stroker and Tweener start getting farther left, the flat 10 is right around the corner. Not with the Turbulence. The 6 pin managed to nudge the 10 out each shot. This ball will be hard to beat on patterns like this.

Moving to the heavy test pattern, both Cranker and Tweener were able to keep the ball at the box finish. The Turbulence is strong, but not in any one particular part of the lane. Stroker needed a little help getting it back to the pocket, so we removed the polish with a 3000 Abralon pad. We went ahead and hit all three test balls with the 3000 pad and saw earlier hook, while taking away just a little bit of motion at the breakpoint.

We really liked this ball at the box finish on our sport pattern. We had miss room right and left with this ball, always a big benefit on a flatter pattern. We were able to attack this pattern from farther right and move in as we opened up an area to throw to.

This ball did not offer much reaction on the short pattern. Patterns like this are where the Pilot would come into play.

Performance Ratings

This ball packs quite a punch at the breakpoint and back end. We found it to be just a touch smoother than the Burner and start hooking a bit earlier as well.
The pearlized cover will not pick up the front of the lane even as the oil starts to go away. This ball hooks and as a result, we feel the Turbulence sacrificed some length in exchange for more total motion.
Back End
The Turbulence is not exactly a skid/flip motion. We saw a strong move at the breakpoint and a strong continuation through the pins.
Total Hook
The total hook is pretty impressive for a polished pearl ball. We had little trouble on any of our test patterns.

Strengths: This ball is strong and predictable. It gave us control when it saw friction and hook in the oil.

Weaknesses: There are few weaknesses to the Turbulence. So few, in fact, we could not find one to list.

Overall Summary: The Turbulence is a terrific overall bowling ball. If a bowler was limited to a smaller arsenal, the Turbulence should be one of the balls in it.