Lane #1
Maxxx Curve

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
Pure Explosion Pearl Particle
Particle Pearl
Box Finish:
20 Micron
Red / Black Pearl
Core Info
Total Diff:0.055
Int. Diff:0.008

The Maxxx Curve is the third release from Lane #1 in this series. The first Curve featured a polished particle pearl cover, which was perfect for most medium conditions. The second, the Big Curve, was polished and solid. This new Curve features a sanded version of the Pure Explosion particle pearl cover, which allows it to handle even the heaviest of oils. This core/cover combination gives the Maxxx Curve a really strong read of the midlane. That type of reaction makes it almost impossible to throw it through the breakpoint.

The Maxxx Curve worked very well on our heavy long oil pattern. Balls that we like on this pattern need to be strong throughout the entire lane and that is exactly what the Maxxx Curve offers. We were able to attack this condition anywhere from just inside the first arrow to just outside the third arrow depending on the tester’s style.

The medium pattern forced us to change the finish on the cover for all three testers, applying a fair amount of polish to the box finish. This adjustment allowed all three to play in the same part of the lane as they were playing on the heavy test pattern. The carry and hitting power were above average after making these cover changes.

We didn’t have much of a look on the dry pattern with this beast in our hands. Those looking to use this ball on drier conditions will need much weaker layouts than the ones we use in our testing. Polishing the coverstock will also need to be done to the Maxxx Curve to combat drier patterns.

Heavy oil sport patterns will offer a better overall ball reaction compared to medium and drier sport patterns. Ours is more on the medium side and the Maxxx Curve gave us a tremendous amount of area on this pattern. Stroker had a more than impressive reaction. The lower rev rate helped the ball clear the front, and then the cover and core took over, giving Stroker the most area he’s seen on this pattern in a while.

Performance Ratings

This version of this core has a lower mass bias differential than the original Curve. Combined with a rougher box finish, the torque is similar to the Big Curve.
The 20 micron sanded finish is a new finishing process for Lane #1. The rougher texture cuts through the oil and the pearl in the cover keeps it from burning up too early.
Back End
This newest addition to the Curves fits right between the previous two in the back end department. Adding polish to the coverstock will increase the back end movement.
Total Hook
The overall hook potential is similar to the Buzzbomb Carnage, but goes about it in a slightly different manner. The Maxxx Curve isn’t as much on the back end, but is cleaner through the front with a stronger midlane read.

Strengths: The strong midlane is what stands out the most about this ball. Those who need the ball to read the lane more quickly in the front should look into the Maxxx curve.

Weaknesses: As the oil in the heads goes away, the ball will hit more weakly in the pocket. Polishing will help increase the ball’s chances but will not make it back end as much as other Lane #1 products.

Overall Summary: The Curve name and core are back in this new offering. No matter how deep we moved, we saw the continuous move at the back end.