Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
EXO Solid Reactive
Reactive Solid
Box Finish:
2000 Abralon
Red / Black / Violet
Core Info
Total Diff:0.053
Int. Diff:0.023

The DNA rolls its way into the Premier line for Storm, and it features new technology inside and out. Its EXO Solid Reactive cover is a new shell that comes out of the box finished at 2000 Abralon. The new asymmetrical Supercoil weight block gives the DNA a low RG (2.47″), a high differential (0.053″), and also a high intermediate differential (0.023″). This is a lower RG and a higher differential than the Super Nova, but the DNA’s EXO Solid Reactive cover proved to be cleaner through the front than the NeX Solid coverstock from that ball. With more length, a sharper breakpoint, and more back end recovery than the Super Nova, Storm’s new design¬†performed very well on our heavy oil test pattern.

Stroker really liked the DNA on the heavy oil pattern. He started two boards outside of his line with the Super Nova on the fresh and angled his ball farther outside downlane to take advantage of the added back end motion. The more shots that went down the lane, the more impressed he was with how strong the DNA was on the back end. He could lay the ball down inside of his line with the Nova and Infinite PhysiX and bring it back from farther outside. The ball continued to be strong through the pins in transition as he moved deeper on the lane, ensuring that he didn’t need to touch the surface on this pattern.¬†Stroker had the best reaction of our three bowlers on the fresh medium oil pattern. While he could see the ball revving up quickly, the dull solid coverstock on the DNA didn’t read so early that he lost back end motion. He managed to float this ball through the front effortlessly, seeing a strong move at the breakpoint that continued through the pin deck. He had ...

Performance Ratings

Back End
Total Hook