Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
GI-15 Hybrid Reactive
Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:
3000 Abralon
Black Pearl / White Pearl / Crimson
Core Info
Total Diff:0.054
Int. Diff:0.018

The Storm Lock is the latest release in Storm’s high-end Premier line, joining the Crux and Crux Pearl. This ball pairs a new hybrid coverstock with a new core design. Storm has combined elements of their most successful cores to create the new RAD-X weight block. This low RG, high differential asymmetrical core offers a big amount of track flare, while still retaining energy for an impressive move at the breakpoint and back end. The Lock’s GI-15 coverstock is a new hybrid formulation that comes out of the box finished with a 3000 Abralon pad, giving it plenty of traction through the oil.

This ball was great for our three testers on our heavy oil pattern. The Lock’s rough surface finish provided strong traction in the midlane. It allowed all three testers to play where they are most comfortable on the lane. Stroker played straighter through the front, with his target near the second arrow. Tweener was a few boards deeper with his feet, swinging the ball farther to the right. Cranker crossed the fourth arrow and still easily got his ball back to the pocket. The duller box finish gave our testers great recovery on shots that were missed wide of target. As the front of the lane started to break down and our Locks started hooking earlier, we were all able to move left into the oil pattern to find the skid we needed to get our balls down the lane and into the pocket at the proper angles.

We had a slightly better look on our sport pattern than we did on our medium pattern. The rough box finish provided the control and traction needed for this flatter pattern. Again, small moves left for all three testers kept them in the pocket throughout the testing session.

Moving to the medium pattern, Cranker was only able to throw a few shots before he needed to go to the spinner in search of more length. Storm’s Step 2 compound was the weapon of choice to bring the finish up to 1500 grit with polish. This gave his Lock a cleaner look through the front and midlane, while still showing big recovery at the back end. Tweener and Stroker made the same surface adjustment later in the session when they were forced too far left with the dull box finish.

Performance Ratings

Do not judge a book, or a bowling ball, by its cover. The Lock's rough box finish would usually lead one to think it would have a smoother transition from oil to dry, but that is not the case. This ball turns the corner hard at the breakpoint.
The colors of this ball make the 3000 Abralon finish look a lot rougher than advertised. This surface helps it bite through any oil it comes across, giving it the foundation for a big total hook.
Back End
Any time we see a rough finished bowling ball still have a good move at the back of the lane, we know the ball is going to be good. The Lock provides a big motion downlane, even for bowlers with lower rev rates and on shots that miss into the friction too early.
Total Hook
We had the Lock as the biggest hooking Storm ball of all time. Fans of the Virtual Gravity Nano will see more total hook and a sharper response to downlane friction from the Lock.

Strengths: The Lock offers lots of traction, while still providing a big move at the back of the lane. Bowlers of all styles can take advantage of the big motion the Lock makes as it heads toward the pins.

Weaknesses: Shorter patterns and lighter volumes of oil will make this ball hook too early for most styles. When the Lock starts hooking past the pocket or struggles to carry the corners, it is time to put it back in the bag and move into something like a Crux Pearl or a Rocket.

Overall Summary: The pairing of the new GI-15 hybrid reactive cover and the new RAD-X core makes the Lock a very user-friendly bowling ball on a variety of oil patterns. If you were disappointed that your original Crux either didn't hook enough or that it wasn't angular enough downlane, then the Lock will be the reaction you are looking for.