Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
R2X Solid Reactive
Reactive Solid
Box Finish:
2000 Abralon
Teal / Sky Blue / Black
Core Info
Total Diff:0.052
Int. Diff:NA

The Storm Marvel uses the R2X solid reactive resin cover with a sanded 2000 Abralon finish and continues the use of aromatherapy scents in the shell. This ball is the latest addition to Storm’s Master line and it shares the same Centripetal shape core as the Prodigy.

All three testers had their best looks with the Marvel on the oily test pattern. The ball created traction in the midlane with its dull box finish and created a strong reaction from the foul line through the pins. Usually on this pattern, Cranker can see the most recovery. However, with the Marvel, Tweener was able to get his ball to store its energy with his speed and revs combination. Cranker moved in deeper to catch more oil to get the Marvel to maintain the energy needed to consistently carry the corner pins.

Moving to the medium test pattern, all three testers saw considerably less length with the same strong continuation throughout the lane. Stroker could hit the pocket easily on the medium oil pattern while Tweener and Cranker had to add a coat of polish to get the extra length needed for this medium length and volume pattern.

Because of how strong the Marvel is, we found the dry pattern to offer a less than desirable reaction for all three testers. Tweener and Cranker could not keep the Marvel off the nose even after raising the surface to 4000 Abralon and adding polish. Tweener was sliding in the left gutter and Stroker was much further left than he is comfortable playing.

Our sport pattern offered an above average reaction for all three testers. Stroker’s lower rev rate provided him with the best reaction of the three along with the ability to stay with the ball for a longer period of time. Those with medium and higher rev rates will have a much easier time using the Marvel on medium-oily and oily sport patterns.

Performance Ratings

This latest Master line ball has a very strong midlane read, stronger than almost any ball on the market, and it saves enough power for the back end.
The 2000 sanded Abralon finish gives the ball some grit to read the lane on heavily oiled conditions. Players with higher ball speed might be able to use the Marvel on some medium patterns.
Back End
The super aggressive midlane sets up the booming curve at the back end. Making it back to the pocket should never be an issue with the Marvel.
Total Hook
The Marvel uses the same cover as one of Storm’s all time greats, the Virtual Gravity. This proven R2X reactive cover combined with the low RG core makes the Marvel a strong oiler. Bowlers will be able to create traction through the entire lane on any medium and heavy oil pattern.

Strengths: The aggressiveness of the Marvel through the entire lane is the selling point of this ball. The solid R2X cover cuts through oil and gives bowlers of all styles the ability to open up the lane.

Weaknesses: As the oil starts getting removed from the lane, the Marvel will struggle to maintain enough energy to continue through the pins. Surface adjustments are a must for bowlers looking to use the Marvel on patterns with less than a medium volume of oil.

Overall Summary: The Marvel is the solid version of the Prodigy. It will provide a stronger reaction in the front of the lane while maintaining the back end reaction of the Prodigy, ideal for an oil pattern that is both heavy and long.