Heat Lava

Bowler Ratings


(1-10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR))

General Ball Info

Coverstock Info
QR-7 Pearl
Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:
500 / 1000 Abralon / Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Lava Sparkle
Core Info
Modified Tri-Core
Total Diff:0.038
Int. Diff:NA

The Track Heat Lava is an updated version of the Heat for the new fall season. This ball uses the same Modified Tri-Core symmetrical weight block from the Heat, but it is surrounded by the stronger QR-7 Pearl coverstock. This more aggressive cover adds total hook compared to the original Heat, while the 500/1000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish box finish creates more length than the sanded Triton Elite. With our standard test layouts, we saw a strong arc off the breakpoint instead of a snap off the end of the oil pattern. This motion was very useful across all of our test conditions.

The polished box finish helped all three testers get this ball farther down the lane than the Triton Elite on our medium oil test pattern. Stroker and Tweener made sure to get their Heat Lavas out to seven at the breakpoint in order to see enough friction to get back to the pocket on the fresh. Stroker started his ball around 20 and crossed 12 at the arrows, while Tweener’s ball was on 25 at his release and traveled across the 17 board at the arrows. Cranker was able to play deeper in the oil, starting his ball on 30 off his hand. He crossed around the 18 board at the arrows, but he had to get his ball farther right downlane than the other two testers, using the six board at the breakpoint to give his ball enough room to get to the pocket. If he got his ball too far inside of that spot downlane, the Heat Lava’s ...

Performance Ratings

Back End
Total Hook