Thanks for visiting Bowling This Month’s new website.  We’re still very hard at work building the site and we aren’t quite ready to start our subscription service, but we thought now would be a good time to invite the bowling world inside to take a look around.

We still need a couple weeks to finish building the rest of the content and functionality, but we didn’t want to wait any longer to start sharing information about the future plans for BTM.  We’ve added some archived content from recent issues of the print magazine and we’re offering unrestricted viewing access to everyone for a limited time. More free content will be added over the next few days, so please take a look around and enjoy the preview!

The transition

As most fans of BTM now know, Joshua Sports and Entertainment, Inc., the owner and publisher of Bowling This Month magazine since 1994, was forced to suspend its operations in late 2013 due to financial difficulties. While this unfortunately marked the end of the print version of BTM magazine, it created the opportunity for a new beginning.

As a lifelong bowler and long-time subscriber of BTM myself, I strongly believe that serious competitive bowlers, pro shop operators, and coaches deserve a bowling publication that caters specifically to their needs.  After hearing the announcement of BTM’s struggles, I decided to contact Alayne Merenstein, the magazine’s long-time publisher, to discuss with her the possibility of resurrecting the magazine.

After many long discussions with Alayne, we came to an agreement that allowed me to purchase the assets of the magazine. BTM Digital Media, LLC was formed as the new parent company of Bowling This Month magazine and work began on plans for bringing BTM back to life!

The future of BTM

Going forward, Bowling This Month will be an online-only magazine. While I know the decision to go online-only won’t make everyone happy, it really is the only viable path forward. I want a sustainable future for BTM and the only sustainable future I can envision is by transitioning to an online-only format.

So what will the new online-only BTM magazine be like? Well, in short, it is going to be a lot like the old BTM, but with a new format. As long as walking to and from the mailbox wasn’t your favorite part of your BTM subscription, I’m confident that you’ll love where we’re headed. Here are some highlights:

  • Our mission going forward is essentially unchanged: we want to be the world’s best technical resource for serious bowlers. What this means is that you aren’t going to see any huge changes in the kinds of content we publish. While industry news, tournament results, and opinions / gossip all have their place, these aren’t the kinds of things you will find in Bowling This Month. Our focus will continue to be on delivering high-quality, accurate, well-researched content that will help make you a better bowler.
  • On the instructional article side, we will continue to tackle the same great topics as before.  We’ll strive to bring you the best content available in the areas of the physical game, the mental game, fitness and nutrition, practice and training techniques, ball motion, and lane play.  In fact, many of the authors you know and love have agreed to continue writing for the new BTM.  Be on the lookout for great new content from Susie Minshew, Joe Slowinski, Ron Clifton, Dug Barker, Jack Schmidt, Chris Mesagno, Bill Hall, Tyrel Rose, Rob Mautner, and Steve Fuhrman, to name a few.  We’ll also be bringing on some new contributors in the near future and we’ll share those details as soon as we can.
  • On the bowling ball review front, we will strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive independent ball reviews in the industry.  Eric Martinez will continue to lead the ball testing program. We’ve received great support from most of the industry’s equipment manufacturers and we are currently working on testing 27 new balls that have been released since the last issue of BTM in November 2013.
  • In BTM’s nearly 20 year history, it has published thousands of high-quality instructional articles written by dozens of the best minds in bowling. Over the coming months, we’ll be digging into the BTM archive and re-publishing many of the best articles from BTM’s past and present contributors.

Next steps

We have a great team behind us and I’m very eager to get launched as soon as possible. Right now, we’re continuing to work on development of the new website. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit longer than expected. Over the next several weeks, this site will be very much under construction, so please be patient with us if you experience any problems.

While we work to finalize the website, our contributors are working on their first new articles and we are performing on-lane testing of the new bowling ball releases. I’ve already started receiving first drafts of some of our new articles and our tentative plan is to officially launch as a subscription-based website in mid-March. Check back here often for more information as we get closer to that time frame.

A message to current BTM subscribers

One important point that I want to make clear to all current BTM subscribers is this:  if any portion of your existing subscription went unfulfilled, you will be offered free access to the new BTM for whatever duration you had remaining on your subscription.

To be clear, here is what this means to current BTM subscribers:

  • If you had one month left on your subscription when BTM ceased its publication, you’ll get one month of free access to the new BTM.
  • If you had one year left, you’ll get one year of free access.
  • If you’re one of the people who had four years remaining on your BTM subscription, you’ll get four years of free access to the new BTM.

My hope is that the vast majority of subscribers will see this as a fair solution and will be willing to give the new online magazine a chance. Information about how to sign up for the new BTM and how to redeem existing subscription credit will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Stay in touch

We really appreciate everyone’s interest and patience as we’ve worked through this transition. We’ll be sharing more information in the coming weeks leading up to the official re-launch of BTM.  For now, the best way to stay up-to-date on our activities and announcements is by visiting our Facebook page or by subscribing to our email newsletter.

Bill Sempsrott

About Bill Sempsrott

Bill is the founder of BTM Digital Media, LLC and he manages the day-to-day operations of Bowling This Month. Bill has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, he developed the Powerhouse Blueprint ball motion simulator, and he has been an avid bowler for more than 20 years.