Are You Prepared?

Essential tools and accessories for competitive bowlers

Are You Prepared?

The famous motto of the Boy Scouts of America is, “Be Prepared.” As bowlers, we have more than enough to deal with in terms of equipment choices, physical game mechanics, lane play adjustments, and the mental game. We shouldn’t have to worry about the pro shop being closed and not having access to the tools and accessories we need in an emergency.

We can break down the types of tools and accessories a bowler needs into two basic groups: personal items and equipment items. Let’s start by looking at what we need from a personal/physical point of view.

Physical needs

Personal medication: If you need to take medication during bowling, especially if it’s injectable, make sure to have a supply of it with you, and make sure to regularly check the medication to keep enough on hand. Even when it comes to over-the-counter basics, don’t rely on the front desk for Band-Aids, Tums, or Tylenol!

Joint braces, supports, physio tape, etc.: If you use any of these when the occasional joint pain occurs, make sure they’re in your bag. The last thing you want is for your knee or wrist to start bothering you in middle of your game because of preventable pain or soreness due to lack of your support, brace, or tape.

Bowling wrist supports: If you use any sort of bowling wrist support, make sure you keep it clean and in good working order, so that it’s there when you need it. Also, it’s not a bad idea to keep a backup in your bag, in case a strap fails in the middle of your hot streak.

Rosin bag or hand conditioner bag: Good for keeping your bowling hand dry, and great for adding a calming aspect to your mental game as part of your pre-shot routine. One of my students insists on using a rosin bag that resembles a badly-deflated balloon. When asked, she simply states that she’s “used to it” and “likes it.” It may not remove much sweat these days, but it sure helps her mental game!

Personal towel: As good as rosin bags are for keeping your bowling hand dry, they really don’t work so well for your ...

Joe Hoenig

About Joe Hoenig

Joe Hoenig is a USBC Silver coach and a graduate of the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps. A Licensed Master Social Worker by profession, Joe works full-time as a Clinical Trainer and Educator for a health insurance plan and takes his love of teaching and bowling onto the lanes, coaching both youth and adult students of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, Joe is a volunteer coach for the Suffolk County, NY Bowlympics youth travel league, which calls South Levittown Lanes its home.