Joe Hoenig

About Joe Hoenig

Joe Hoenig is a USBC Silver coach and a graduate of the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps. A Licensed Master Social Worker by profession, Joe works full-time as a Clinical Trainer and Educator for a health insurance plan and takes his love of teaching and bowling onto the lanes, coaching both youth and adult students of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, Joe is a volunteer coach for the Suffolk County, NY Bolympics youth travel league, which calls South Levittown Lanes its home.

Viral Thoughts

Ideas for bowlers with time on their hands

Viral Thoughts

In contemplating the topic for this article, I considered what things a bowler can do to prepare for our eventual return to the sport we love. While some areas have re-opened their bowling centers, many of us are still waiting to get... [Read More]

Bowlers Behaving Badly – Part 3

Lack of lane courtesy, watching the ball too long, tardiness, and moving other people's stuff


Over the first two parts of this series (available here and here), we discussed everything from lane pattern manipulation and noises in the approach to sandbagging and not "giving five." Even though we've covered a lot of ground already, we... [Read More]

Bowlers Behaving Badly – Part 2

Lane pattern manipulation, surface changes, sandbagging, and mid-competition withdrawals

Bowlers Behaving Badly - Part 2

In the first installment of Bowlers Behaving Badly, we discussed not “giving five," impatient bowler syndrome, slamming the ball on the rack and the lane, making noises while a bowler is in the middle of his or her approach, and... [Read More]

Bowlers Behaving Badly – Part 1

Bowlers Behaving Badly - Part 1

It has often been said that there is no defense in bowling. To an extent, this is true: you roll the ball, you attempt to make the pins fall, and once that ball has left your hand, you’re nothing more... [Read More]

Bowling Team Lineup Dynamics

Considerations for building a strong team

Bowling Team Lineup Dynamics

Last time, we focused on bowler self-perception; this time, let’s delve into team dynamics. To start, we'll talk a bit about the roles on a typical four-person team: leadoff, middle, setup, and anchor—each of which requires certain mental and physical... [Read More]

No “I” in Team

Managing expectations to improve your mental game

No "I" in Team

Now that we've discussed various lane play adjustments that you are hopefully practicing as often as possible, I would like to talk about the mental game aspect of team and league bowling. Much has already been written about the importance of the mental... [Read More]

Lane Play Strategies for House Shots

Lane Play Strategies for House Shots

Last time, we talked about what a house shot is, the different kinds of house shot league bowlers, and the balls that they use. Now, let’s talk about house shot lane play and adjustments. Unlike sport or PBA/PWBA oil patterns,... [Read More]

The Hidden Variety of House Shots

Improving your scores with "defensive bowling"

The Hidden Variety of House Shots

To many, the term "typical house shot"—also often referred to as "THS"—is synonymous with easy conditions. It also implies very little variety, but the reality is that house shots can be quite different from center to center, week to week,... [Read More]

De-Cluttering Your Bowling Mind

De-Cluttering Your Bowling Mind

Last month, we talked about how to de-clutter your bowling bag. This month, let’s look at de-cluttering an even more important bowling tool: your mind! This isn’t going to be your standard mental game article, though. I’m going to talk... [Read More]

Are You Prepared?

Essential tools and accessories for competitive bowlers

Are You Prepared?

The famous motto of the Boy Scouts of America is, “Be Prepared.” As bowlers, we have more than enough to deal with in terms of equipment choices, physical game mechanics, lane play adjustments, and the mental game. We shouldn’t have... [Read More]