Coach, I’ve Got a Question! – May 2022


In this recurring feature, I’ll be answering questions from Bowling This Month readers, or questions I’ve received from bowlers I work with, that might not require the depth of a full-length article, but that can definitely benefit more than just the person who happened to ask. Think of it as a Dear Abby column for bowlers.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section below so that I can address them in a future article. Please note that I can only answer a few questions each time, so if your question is not answered this month, please be patient and I’ll be sure to address it in a future installment of Coach, I’ve Got a Question!

What are the benefits of having a tournament arsenal versus a set of equipment for league play?

There are a lot of variables in this question to unpack, and despite the popularity of the concept of having a tournament arsenal and a league play arsenal, it’s based mostly on a misconception. The idea is that certain balls and layouts that are more effective on sport patterns are less effective on house patterns. This really isn’t true. A well-planned “bag” for a tournament bowler should cover all the reaction shapes you need, including those that would be effective on a house shot. On the other hand, balls chosen with only house shots in mind might not cover all the shapes you need for competing on harder patterns. Of course, this all depends on how many balls you want ...

Tyrel Rose

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Tyrel Rose is Bowling This Month's Director of Content. He is also currently the Head Coach for Team Canada, with over 20 years of experience coaching bowlers of all levels. Tyrel is an NCCP Competition Development level and USBC Bronze Certified coach, and a former Canadian national champion.