How to Achieve Greater Consistency

The multi-dimensional bowler

Chris Barnes, Parker Bohn III, Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams, and the retired Mike Aulby, over the years have placed themselves on a higher plateau in professional bowling.

What do they have in common? Although they perform in their own individual and inimitable fashion, they have managed to maintain consistency. Consistency is the retention of form and the undeviating steady method of execution that, day in and day out, permits a bowler to perform like clockwork.

As of this writing, Barnes, Bohn, Duke, Weber, and Walter Ray have annexed over 150 titles among them during their illustrious careers. It doesn’t take a bowling scholar to realize these superstars have had the capability to not only perform but to succeed under any and all conditions.

Steve Jaros, heretofore a journeyman performer, has exhibited an ability to successfully perform on all conditions during the past few years and established himself as a force to be reckoned with. During this eventful period, the Bolingbrook, Illinois native abandoned his whip-like, behind the ear follow through in favor of a long extended arm and, together with variable hand positions, has transformed his career from mediocrity to a rank among the top stars of the game.

Unfortunately, far too many youngsters have become obsessed with the power game. They revel in maximizing revolutions on the ball. They favor splattering pins in all directions on light hits rather than opting for a simpler, more stable game: that is, sacrificing excessive power for controllable shots with proper direction. Generally speaking, most power bowlers have been reduced ...

John Jowdy

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John Jowdy has been a bowler, author, instructor, and speaker over the last 60 years. He was coach to some of the most successful bowlers on tour. John’s awards and accomplishments include: Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame, ABC and PBA Halls of Fame, International Bowling Coach of the Year. He was a contributing writer for Bowling This Month for 13 years. John Jowdy passed away in 2013 at age 93.