John Jowdy

About John Jowdy

John Jowdy has been a bowler, author, instructor, and speaker over the last 60 years. He was coach to some of the most successful bowlers on tour. John’s awards and accomplishments include: Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame, ABC and PBA Halls of Fame, International Bowling Coach of the Year. He was a contributing writer for Bowling This Month for 13 years. John Jowdy passed away in 2013 at age 93.

Reading the Lanes – How Are You Adjusting?


A bowler’s mental game is made of awareness and intelligence. Equally important is the ability to read lanes and conform to what the lane dictates. In a previous issue, the main topic featured “Paths to Success”; that is, the changing... [Read More]

Mastering Multiple Hand Positions

The sure path to a good release

Mastering Multiple Hand Positions

One of the most important aspects of sound fundamental bowling is a good release, which depends on placing the ball well back into the hand. At the release point, the thumb exits quickly, the weight of the ball is transferred... [Read More]

Bring Your Best Approach to the Dance

Bring Your Best Approach to the Dance

Bowling isn’t ballet, but alignment, step cadence, knee bend, and balance are critical physical factors that determine a player’s performance on the lanes. The bowling approach can be compared to the movements of a ballet dancer: smooth, effortless, graceful, and,... [Read More]

An Early Swing Can Bring Early Elimination

Without synchronized timing of your arm and leg, it’ll be tough to hit the ideal release point

A free armswing is one of the greatest assets for a solid fundamental game. Free armswings are the trademarks of bowling stars like Chris Barnes, Parker Bohn, Norm Duke, Pete Weber, and Walter Ray Williams…to name a few. During the... [Read More]

The Timing Ideal

A dependency on precision and patience

The Timing Ideal

One of the most important aspects of proper execution in any sport is rhythm and timing. In baseball, hitters, as well as pitchers, rely on timing to perform at higher levels. In football, despite the advantages of players being bigger... [Read More]

Follow Through Low, Long, and Outward

Deliver the ball into the lane, not upward

Follow Through Low, Long, and Outward

In a previous issue, I stressed the importance of avoiding the lift and loft method of execution. Although this was popular and perhaps a necessity in the rubber ball era, it became a detriment with the advent of urethane bowling... [Read More]

Chicken Winging

The cure for flying elbows


In the last issue, I stressed the importance of a low and long follow through, propelled by a ball-weighted swing. Unfortunately, many bowlers lack the confidence to perform in this manner and muscle the downswing, an error which usually results... [Read More]

Grip It and Rip It vs. Stroke ‘Em and Smoke ‘Em

Let the performance of the pros reveal which works best

One of the more popular slogans on the back of bowling t-shirts is, “Grip it and rip it.” This has become the mindset of pseudo-macho bowlers as well as the thrill of many aspiring youngsters who are enamored by wide... [Read More]

How to Achieve Greater Consistency

The multi-dimensional bowler

Chris Barnes, Parker Bohn III, Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams, and the retired Mike Aulby, over the years have placed themselves on a higher plateau in professional bowling. What do they have in common? Although they perform in... [Read More]

There’s Oil on Them There Lanes

The history of transition and how to put it to use

According to Webster’s Dictionary, transition is described as passage from one place, state, stage of development, type, etc. to another. The advent of Sport Bowling has brought transition into sharper focus than ever. Because Sport Bowling always starts with a... [Read More]