How Perception Impacts Performance

Is thinking that a condition is difficult affecting how well you bowl?


This month I’ll discuss how performance will impact the perception of how difficult or easy a task is to complete. I will also explore how perception can impact performance. Greatness is always in the details. For those who take small potential enhancements seriously, there will be a collective benefit improving their bowling performance.

How you view your world and interpret what you see will have a direct impact on how you perceive the challenge or level of difficulty of a task such as playing a challenging lane condition or making spares. It is deeply embedded in the notion of self-efficacy or the belief you can do something.

Research in other sports provides an opportunity to test how performance impacts perception and vice versa in the sport of bowling. I will share the research based on perception and performance. From these findings, I have conceptualized a large-scale research study which will test how the perceived size of a bowling pin will impact spare shooting proficiency. I will ask each of you to participate in this project to test the procedural differences that influence the size perception of a pin and outcomes based on those perceptions.

We have set up a survey for you to report your findings. This will provide an opportunity for us to learn while giving you an opportunity ...

Joe Slowinski

About Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski, a USBC Gold Coach, is a freelance bowling coach who works with bowlers around the globe. He is the former Director of Bowling at Lincoln Memorial University, where he served as Program Administrator and Head USBC Collegiate Men’s and NCAA Women’s Coach. The Portland, Maine native has served as the Administrative and Men's Head Coach at Webber International University and served for four years as a Master Teaching Professional at the Kegel Training Center. Slowinski is also the former Director of Coaching and Coach Certification for the National Sports Council of Malaysia. He has coached international teams at the World Championships, Pan American Games, South American Games, and European Championships. He was the 2018 NTCA DII/III Coach of the Year and the 2010 NCBCA Men’s College Coach of the Year.