Joe Slowinski

About Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski, a USBC Gold Coach, is a freelance bowling coach who works with bowlers around the globe. He is the former Director of Bowling at Lincoln Memorial University, where he served as Program Administrator and Head USBC Collegiate Men’s and NCAA Women’s Coach. The Portland, Maine native has served as the Administrative and Men's Head Coach at Webber International University and served for four years as a Master Teaching Professional at the Kegel Training Center. Slowinski is also the former Director of Coaching and Coach Certification for the National Sports Council of Malaysia. He has coached international teams at the World Championships, Pan American Games, South American Games, and European Championships. He was the 2018 NTCA DII/III Coach of the Year and the 2010 NCBCA Men’s College Coach of the Year.

Ripple Effects

Activities to improve individual and team performance


As we enter the start of the bowling season, college athletes will be returning to campus with great optimism for their team’s potential success in the 2021-22 season. The hope and optimism of this time of year make it one... [Read More]

Eye Got This

Training eye tracking skills to improve performance

Eye Got This

Over the past decade, we have seen more and more bowlers perceive the sport in an athletic manner. These athlete-minded bowlers are eating better and integrating sport science methods such as dynamic warm-ups, working out, and cooling down. This trend... [Read More]

Improving Memory for Improved Lane Play

Techniques for improving recall for better performance

Improving Memory Header

Elite competitors have world-class memory and sport-specific pattern recognition. A University College London study, commissioned by Dunlop, found that elite athletes have memory prowess that is 20 percent better than average (Walsh, 2015). The same UCL study revealed that elite... [Read More]

Improving Your Stability at the Foul Line

Better balance for better performance

Improving Your Stability at the Foul Line

One of the most frequent questions we receive at Bowling This Month is, “How do I create more stability at the foul line?” As a bowler, you may experience inconsistencies at the foul line with falling off at unexpected times,... [Read More]

The Science of Improving Your Bowling Skills

A look at the SPORT model of skill acquisition periodization

The Science of Improving Your Bowling Skills

As a coach, I constantly review training techniques in other sports as well as review sport science research to improve my understanding of training methods and practice effectiveness. This commitment to looking outside of our sport expands my thinking and... [Read More]

The Importance of Sleep

How minor changes affect athletic performance

importance of sleep

Over a decade ago in the August 2009 issue of Bowling This Month, I wrote The Secret Weapon of Champions, which discussed how sleep can maximize performance. The power of sleep to enhance performance can’t be overstated. Sleep became one... [Read More]

Building Mental Toughness

Preparing for challenging lane play moments

Building Mental Toughness

Whether it involves making a cut, cashing, earning a trip to nationals, or winning a title, those who perform as close to their normal as possible in key stress-filled moments will be more likely to succeed. I have had the... [Read More]

The Release: Cause and Effect

Insights into a multi-dimensional approach

The release: cause and effect

One of the most common questions we get at Bowling This Month is, “How can I improve my release?” As I will discuss in this article, there are many cause and effect components to the elite-level release. With more insight... [Read More]

The Pocket Displacement Method

A mathematical approach to converting spares from the strike line

The Pocket Displacement Method

As you read this, summer is quickly approaching. If you want to improve, summer affords you a check-in opportunity for reflection and evaluation. It is the perfect time to take stock of your current game, assessing its strengths and weaknesses,... [Read More]

Exploring Alternative Targeting Methods

Exploring Alternative Targeting Methods

Becoming your best requires more than simply perfecting current methods. It requires pushing beyond your current comfort level by testing new procedures, systems, and strategies. This pursuit of excellence—grounded in research and evaluation—ensures your competitive advantage as a bowler and... [Read More]