Joe Slowinski

About Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski, a USBC Gold Coach, is a freelance bowling coach who works with bowlers around the globe. He is currently on assignment with the Philippines. Slowinski is the former Director of Bowling at Lincoln Memorial University, where he served as Program Administrator and Head USBC Collegiate Men’s and NCAA Women’s Coach. The Portland, Maine native has served as the Administrative and Men's Head Coach at Webber International University and served for four years as a Master Teaching Professional at the Kegel Training Center. Slowinski is also the former Director of Coaching and Coach Certification for the National Sports Council of Malaysia. He has coached international teams at the World Championships, Pan American Games, South American Games, and European Championships, helping Belgium win a Gold medal at the 2022 EBF Championship of Champions and coaching Brazil to Gold medals at the 2015 Pam American Games and the 2014 South American Games. He was the 2018 NTCA DII/III Coach of the Year and the 2010 NCBCA Men’s College Coach of the Year.

Unknown Pattern Protocol

Practice plans for the USBC Open Championships and Junior Gold Championships


With the USBC Open Championships currently running and Junior Gold just a few months away, I encourage bowlers to begin the process of practicing a structured unknown pattern play process. By using an evaluation process designed to identify an unknown... [Read More]

The W3 Protocol

Improving your lane play by answering when, what, and why

The W3 Protocol

Remember when a lane play decision didn’t work for you, and you were left shaking your head? Insert a sarcastic chuckle here. As bowlers, we all possess a plethora of experiences that range from great to awful. Many of those... [Read More]

Improving a Key Part of Your Swing

A three-dimensional approach to analyzing the release to follow through movement

Improving a Key Part of Your Swing

As a coach, I have worked diligently to identify cause-and-effect sequences, especially within the context of analyzing energy production and efficiencies in the physical game. This article continues this pursuit by focusing on a more thorough evaluation of the release... [Read More]

Arm Alignment in the Two-Handed Swing

The importance of the lead elbow


In the July 2007 issue of Bowling This Month, I first wrote about two-handed bowling in my article, How to Coach or Bowl With the Two-Handed Thumbless Delivery: An Emergent Powerful Style. In that article, I wrote, “If you haven’t... [Read More]

Increasing Your Training Commitment – Part 2

11 mental game competencies for bowlers to master

Increasing Your Training Commitment - Part 2

In this second installment of my series on training commitment, I focus on sports psychology by framing the discussion around the 11 competencies of a newly-developed mental game model called the Gold Medal Profile for Sport Psychology (GMP-SP). As a... [Read More]

Increasing Your Training Commitment – Part 1

Strategies for improving lane play and release versatility

Increasing Your Training Commitment - Part 1

In my last article, I presented a self-evaluation exercise to help bowlers review their overall commitment level and gain insight into how well their goals align with their training actions. Specifically, I provided an avenue to review one’s commitment to four... [Read More]

A Bowler’s Self-Evaluation Checklist

The first step to achieving your goals


As the end of 2021 fast approaches and the hope of 2022 looms on the horizon, it is a great opportunity to evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses, review your habits, and develop goals for 2022. It is not uncommon... [Read More]

Analyzing the PBA’s Top 10 Players

Physical similarities and differences among bowlers at the top of the 2021 points list

Analyzing the PBA's Top 10 Players

At the top levels of elite sports, athletes’ physical movements efficiently produce kinetic energy, leading to maximum energy transfer. Put simply, top athletes use their bodies to produce and transfer energy to move, throw, or strike an object or person... [Read More]

Ripple Effects

Activities to improve individual and team performance


As we enter the start of the bowling season, college athletes will be returning to campus with great optimism for their team’s potential success in the 2021-22 season. The hope and optimism of this time of year make it one... [Read More]

Eye Got This

Training eye tracking skills to improve performance

Eye Got This

Over the past decade, we have seen more and more bowlers perceive the sport in an athletic manner. These athlete-minded bowlers are eating better and integrating sport science methods such as dynamic warm-ups, working out, and cooling down. This trend... [Read More]