Joe Slowinski

About Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski, a USBC Gold Coach, is the Director of Bowling at Lincoln Memorial University, where he serves as program administrator and Head USBC Collegiate men’s and NCAA women’s coach. The Portland, Maine native has served as the Administrative and Men's Head Coach at Webber International University and served for four years as a Master Teaching Professional at the Kegel Training Center. Slowinski is also the former Director of Coaching and Coach Certification for the National Sports Council of Malaysia. He has coached international teams at the World Championships, Pan American Games, South American Games, and European Championships. He was the 2018 NTCA DII/III Coach of the Year and the 2010 NCBCA Men’s College Coach of the Year.

Building Skills

When keeping score has a different purpose

Building Skills

This month’s article is in response to a reader’s request to create skill challenges to foster improvement in lane play skills and accuracy. With this in mind, I present a number of games, challenges, and practice methods to help you... [Read More]

Tournament Lane Play Preparation

Evaluating your lane play discomforts and skills

Tournament Lane Play Preparation

I write this article at an interesting time. Several weeks ago, I coached in the European Men’s Championships serving as the head coach for Lithuania. And, in one week, I will be coaching in the Pan American Games as the... [Read More]

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been!

Reviewing nearly 100 contributions to BTM

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!

As I write this, I am fast approaching my 100th contribution to Bowling This Month. In September 2006, more than 3,000 days ago, I wrote my first article for Bowling This Month while I was working in Malaysia. My BTM... [Read More]

Three-Point Targeting For Advanced Lane Play

For a bigger margin of error


I’d like to present an advanced lane play targeting method, a Three-Point Target System, which is based on research and has been developed to help provide you with the biggest margin of error. This should provide you with guidance to... [Read More]

The Secret Weapon of Champions

How sleep maximizes your performance

The Secret Weapon of Champions

This month, I want to discuss a secret weapon. This secret weapon is critical to performing at your optimal best, yet few people take it seriously. Rather, this area is neglected, ignored or unrecognized as important. This secret weapon is... [Read More]

Defining the Game Through Biomechanics

Dissecting the physical game of Amleto Monacelli

Defining the Game Through Biomechanics

This month, I want to introduce biomechanical terminology to readers and describe Amleto Monacelli’s physical game with these terms. Amleto, who has won 19 PBA titles (ranking 14th) and was named PBA Player of the Year twice, recently trained with... [Read More]

A How-To for Adjusting Ball Speed

The importance of ball speed change and a research-based method to change it


Many bowlers arrive at the Kegel Training Center with a strong desire to increase their rev rate. These individuals perceive higher revolutions as a panacea or the ultimate solution for improving their game. Yet, in reality, the ability to manipulate... [Read More]