The Max Y Grip by Drill Tech Enterprises

Are you having trouble finding a grip that fits? Do you have problems dropping the ball or intermittently hanging up in one shot and dropping the next? Carl Hoffmire at Drill Tech Enterprises in Morrisville, Pennsylvania may just have the cure.

Carl has developed a different fitting technique that works off of the standard T grip but increases the ease with which bowlers can hold onto and release the ball. The process has been in use in his shop for the past three years with 95 percent of his customers opting for the Max Y grip over the standard T.

The Max Y creates an “offset thumb” by taking the final fit measurements off of a shifted thumb-middle finger plane. For many bowlers, this allows for a longer span and/or reduced pitching of the thumb while still allowing the thumb to make a clean exit. No lockup and no excessive ...

Bob Summerville

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