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About Bob Summerville

Bob Summerville is the founder of Bowling This Month. A graduate of North Texas State University, Bob was an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of bowling and participated in many local, regional, and national bowling tournaments before starting Bowling This Month in 1994 with his wife, Alayne Merenstein. Bowling This Month went on to become the only instructional bowling magazine devoted exclusively to the serious bowler. Another of his proud achievements was the creation of one of the industry’s largest bowling schools, Super School. In his early career, Bob taught history, managed bowling centers, worked on historical records projects for the State of Texas, and held the position of records manager for a Houston utility company. A prolific bowling writer, entrepreneur, and coach, Bob died in 2001 in San Marcos, Texas. He is survived by his wife, Alayne, who continued running Bowling This Month through 2013. Bob is also survived by his son, Joshua Summerville, and mother, Eileen Summerville.

Off the Top of My Head – March 1997

Off the Top of My Head - March 1997

Editor's note The following editorial was written by Bowling This Month's founder, Bob Summerville. It was originally published in our March 1997 edition and then subsequently reprinted in our May 2001 memorial issue shortly after Mr. Summerville's untimely passing. In... [Read More]

Off the Top of My Head – June 1995

Off the Top of My Head - June 1995

It's time again for the Senior Master's. That's the ABC-sponsored event where the powers-that-be in Greendale openly admit that "good" bowlers over the age of fifty have no chance against the elite bowling kids, an admission they refuse to make... [Read More]

Off the Top of My Head – July 1996

Off the Top of My Head - July 1996

Recently, I received a very insulting letter from a gentleman who said that “traditional straight players” like me should quit whining about lane conditions and just get out of bowling. I suppose he has a point. Maybe I should quit.... [Read More]