Is the Bowling Season Really Over?

A checklist for a productive summer

Is the Bowling Season Really Over?

The primary bowling season for this year has come to an end and the time has come to make some decisions about your bowling game. These important decisions will both help you assess your prior season and better prepare for next season. Among these decisions are the following:

If I have some physical discomfort, how soon can I get it evaluated?

If you are experiencing any discomfort while bowling, the summer months can be the perfect time to get the help you need to make the following season a more comfortable one. This could involve a trip to the pro shop for a grip check or a trip to the doctor for a checkup.

Should I take a break during the summer and, if so, how long should it be?

The fall/winter league season can be a long one for some of us. Summer gives us a chance for a break, if needed. Many bowlers like to take a month or so off and then start practicing for the fall season, while others enjoy taking the entire summer off recharging their bowling games with some time away from the lanes.

If I do choose to bowl during the summer, in what type of leagues do I want to bowl?

In many areas, the summer presents bowlers with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of new short-term league types. A summer Sport Bowling or PBA Experience league, for example, can provide you with an exciting challenge to help sharpen your game.

What is the condition of all of my bowling equipment?

Don’t forget any of the equipment you use. That includes the major items like balls, bags, shoes, and wrist devices as well as your support equipment like tape, rosin, hand conditioner, inserts, ball cleaners, ball polishers, beveling tools, Scotch Brite pads, sandpaper, skin patch, adhesive bandages, shoelaces, etc. (Maybe you even want to invest in a ball spinner?) ...

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Jack Schmid is a USBC Silver Coach, a Ritger Level II Coach, an Honor Graduate of the Institute of Professional Bowling Instruction, and has been named a BJI Top 100 Coach eight times.