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Bowling Tips and Techniques Articles

Beginning and advanced techniques to improve your game

Bowling Ball Surface Management

It used to be so easy: there was dull and there was shiny. Dull balls were for oily lanes; shiny balls were for dry lanes. These days? Surface roughness is a key component to ball reaction and with the variety...

A checklist for a productive summer

Is the Bowling Season Really Over?

The primary bowling season for this year has come to an end and the time has come to make some decisions about your bowling game. These important decisions will both help you assess your prior season and better prepare for...

Using other's lines to help yourself

The Ledge

During the '80s and '90s, two major things changed in bowling: lanes began to change from wood to synthetic material and bowling balls were developed with reactive resin cover materials and cores with dynamic weight imbalances. These two changes affected...

Changing axis rotation to change ball motion

The Var-E System

Over the last 20 years, the bowling community has continued to become an equipment obsessed and bowling ball consumption oriented culture. Every day on social media you see bowlers zealously sharing their enthusiasm for new bowling balls. As a coach...

Stuff you can't do without

The Well-Accessorized Bowler

Like all sports, bowling has a variety of paraphernalia designed to aid performance. Some really help and others are more for attitude than actual physical benefit. Don’t treat those types lightly. They can be very valuable assets since you’ll perform...