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Jack Schmid is a USBC Silver Coach, a Ritger Level II Coach, an Honor Graduate of the Institute of Professional Bowling Instruction, and has been named a BJI Top 100 Coach eight times.

Balance From Start to Finish – Part 1

Overcoming deficiencies in seniors

Balance From Start to Finish - Part 1

The term “balance” may mean different things to different people. There is a “balance sheet” in business. What if there are problems there? If you do things that may seem unorthodox, some say you are a little “unbalanced." I think... [Read More]

The Left is Frustrating – Part 2

Finishing the discussion on why balls miss to the inside

I ended my last article discussing how ball speed could be a factor in causing the ball to go left of target and/or the headpin. How many times have you uttered or heard uttered, “I let up on that one,”... [Read More]

The Left is Frustrating – Part 1

Why balls miss to the inside

East of Eden, North to Alaska, North by Northwest, the famous quote from the late comedian John Candy “Wagons, EAST”, etc. How many movies or famous quotes from movies have had a direction in them? Come on, guys! How many... [Read More]

Is the Bowling Season Really Over?

A checklist for a productive summer

Is the Bowling Season Really Over?

The primary bowling season for this year has come to an end and the time has come to make some decisions about your bowling game. These important decisions will both help you assess your prior season and better prepare for... [Read More]

Ball Weight

How ball weight impacts your game

Ball Weight

By now the new league season is well underway. After Bowl Expo ended in June, ball manufacturers came out with their new equipment for the 2013-2014 season. Many of these new balls were reviewed in the August and September issues... [Read More]