Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:All Night
Reviewed:July 2014
Coverstock Specs
Name:S64 Pearl
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:2000 Grit Polished
Color:Ruby Red / Gold
Core Specs
Name:Clockwork Symmetric
Int. Diff:0.000

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The 900 Global All Night is the pearlized and polished brother to the All Day. This ball uses the same core design as the All Day, but instead of a sanded and solid cover, the All Night uses a pearlized and polished red and gold veneer. This coverstock provides more skid through the front of the lane, allowing for a faster response to friction at the breakpoint and back end.

This ball’s reaction shape was best for us on our medium oil pattern.  All three testers were much closer than they usually are to each other at the arrows. Tweener was just a board or two left of Stroker, staying straighter through the front and letting the backend motion from the All Night get the ball to the pocket. Compared to the Dream, this ball covers less boards, so like Tweener and Stroker, Cranker was farther right with his feet and target as well. The difference Cranker had was because of his higher rev rate, he could get the ball farther right of the other two testers and still see the recovery downlane. As the pattern started to break down, all three testers were able to see more recovery. Instead of moving their feet, they were able to move their target farther right, allowing the All Night to do its thing at the back end.

Stroker had the best reaction when we moved to the dry pattern. Despite clearing the front of the lane well even on the lower volume, Tweener and Cranker saw their All Night jump in the nose. The ball’s S64 coverstock was just too strong for these testers on the short pattern to be consistent for them.

The sport pattern gave us some trouble with the All Night at the box finish. We had too much skid on the fresh, making it very difficult to control the breakpoint. All three testers removed the polish with a 2000 grit pad. This surface alteration helped smooth out the reaction and made the ball less sensitive to the oil.

We would not recommend using the All Night on heavy volumes of oil unless you have snail-like ball speed. This shiny pearl cover wanted to skid through the pin deck on our heavy test pattern.

Performance Ratings

The All Night is without question the ball designed to be more angular in this new duo for 900 Global. Its polished and pearlized coverstock can turn on a dime downlane.
The S64 coverstock used on the All Night is the same resin formulation that is on the All Day. The difference is in color, box finish, and the pearl additive that gives this one much easier length.
Back End16
More length definitely equated to a bigger backend move from the All Night. Even as the oil started to push down the lane, the All Night still had no problem getting to the pocket.
Total Hook48
The All Night will have less total motion than the All Day. It will also provide more hook than the Boost.


The All Night can make a good move at the breakpoint and back end. This came in handy when we had to start moving left on our test patterns.


Heavier volumes of oil and longer patterns are the weaknesses of the All Night. Even when we removed the polish, we still saw wiggle downlane on our heavy test pattern.

Overall Summary

This one will be better on medium to light conditions, when more angle at the back end is desired. We liked how well the All Day and All Night worked together when the reaction from one ball started to go away.

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