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Summary Table of All 900 Global Ball Reviews

The table below shows a tabular comparison of all recently-reviewed 900 Global bowling balls. Currently, all balls in our database are shown in the table. BTM subscribers can customize the columns displayed on their Edit Profile page.

You can sort this table by clicking on the header row of any column. Also, you can filter the data in the table by entering a search term in the search box below.

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Ball NameIssueCoverBox FinishRGDiffInt
Absolute TruthR HybICE "E" Pad2.480.0550.000
After Dark PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.560.0300.000
After Dark SolidR Sol1.5K Grit Polished2.560.0300.000
Afterburner Blue/BlackR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0380.000
Afterburner Purple/BlackR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0380.000
All DayR Sol4K Grit Pad2.500.0460.000
All InR Prl4K Grit2.520.0430.000
All NightR Prl2K Grit Polished2.500.0460.000
Altered RealityR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0520.018
AspectR Sol3K Abrl2.510.0480.000
BadgerR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0410.000
Badger InfusedUre Hyb1K Abrl2.570.0410.000
BankR Sol4K Abrl2.4810.0540.020
Bank PearlR PrlPolished2.480.0540.020
Black EagleR SolneaT2.4890.0580.024
Black OpsR Sol1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0580.021
Boo-YahUre Sol1K Grit2.610.0260.000
Boost Blue/Black HybridR Hyb2K Grit Polished2.540.0430.000
Boost Bubble Gum and Black/GreenR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0430.000
Boost Cardinal Red PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0430.000
Boost Purple/Green HybridR Hyb4K Grit2.540.0430.000
Break DownR SolneaT2.570.0300.011
Bullet TrainR HybneAt2.5530.0400.000
Chemical XR Sol4K Grit2.490.0350.000
ContinuumR Hyb2K Abrl2.490.0540.029
Covert OpsR SolICE "C" Pad2.480.0580.021
Dark MatterR Sol1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0400.000
Desert HookR PrlPolished2.610.0260.000
Desert OpsR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0300.011
Dirty LookR PrlPolished2.5320.0540.021
DreamR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0540.024
Dream BigR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0540.024
Dream Big PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0540.024
Dream On (2014)R Hyb4K Grit Pad2.480.0540.024
Dream On (2018)R Hyb4K Abrl2.480.0540.024
DriftR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0540.000
EonR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.500.0490.000
Eon InfiniteR HybICE "C" Pad2.500.0490.000
EquilibriumR Hyb4K Abrl2.490.0450.000
EternityR PrlReacta Gloss2.490.0500.014
Eternity PiR Sol2K Abrl2.490.0500.014
FluxR Sol4K Abrl2.550.0480.014
Flux PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0480.014
Freight TrainR SolnEat2.5430.0550.000
Grip ItR Hyb4K Abrl2.490.0400.000
Hard DriveR PrlneaT2.480.0530.023
Harsh RealityR Sol2K Abrl2.480.0540.019
Honey BadgerR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0410.008
Honey Badger ClawR Sol2K Abrl2.570.0410.008
Honey Badger Extreme PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0530.011
Honey Badger Extreme SolidR Sol2K Abrl2.540.0530.011
Honey Badger IntensityR Sol4K Abrl2.540.0480.012
Honey Badger RevivalR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0480.012
Honey Badger UrethaneUre Sol1K Abrl2.570.0410.008
Hook! Black / Neon GreenR Sol4K Abrl2.5510.0460.000
Hook! Black/Silver PearlR PrlPolished2.5510.0460.000
Hook! BlueR Prl4K Abrl2.5510.0460.000
Hook! Blue/YellowR HybPolished2.5510.0460.000
Hook! Orange/Purple PearlR PrlPolished2.5510.0460.000
Hook! Pink/BlackR HybPolished2.5510.0460.000
Hook! Red/Yellow SolidR SolPolished2.5510.0460.000
InceptionR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0550.024
Inception DCTR SolICE "I" Pad2.480.0550.024
Inception DCT PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0550.024
Inception PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0550.024
Inception ReduxR HybnEat2.520.0500.016
Infrared R SolneaT2.520.0470.000
JewelR PrlPolished2.5310.0520.000
Jewel Purple/PinkR PrlPolished2.5550.0450.000
Money BadgerR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0440.008
Money Badger TourR Sol2K Abrl2.570.0440.008
MoxieR Hyb4K Grit Pad2.490.0520.000
NetworkR PrlneaT2.4880.0510.030
OrdnanceR Sol4K Abrl2.470.0430.000
Ordnance C4R Hyb4K Abrl2.480.0420.000
Ordnance PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0540.000
ProtocolR Sol2K Abrl Polished2.530.0420.023
Raw ProfitR Sol4K Abrl2.470.0480.016
RealityR Sol2K Abrl2.490.0520.018
Reality CheckR Hyb4K - Fast2.490.0520.018
Respect (2015)R Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0520.000
Respect (2018)R Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0520.000
Respect PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0470.000
Respect SolidR SolneaT2.490.0520.000
Rip ItR PrlPolished2.570.0450.000
Shadow OpsUre Hyb1K Abrl2.520.0440.017
Space Time ContinuumR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0420.020
Special OpsR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0440.017
SublimeR HybReacta Gloss2.470.0560.000
Sure ThingR Hyb2K Abrl2.4940.0430.000
Tactical OpsR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0580.021
The EagleR Sol4K Abrl2.4890.0580.024
The Eagle PearlR PrlPolished2.4890.0580.024
The LookR HybneaT2.5510.0500.017
The NutsR SolneaT2.5430.0500.018
The Nuts PearlR PrlneaT2.5510.0500.017
TrainR HybnEat2.5050.0540.000
TruthR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0550.000
Truth PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0550.000
Truth TourR SolICE "E" Pad2.530.0380.000
VixenR PrlPolished2.560.0450.000
VolatilityR Hyb2K Abrl2.490.0500.014
Volatility TorqueR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0500.014
VoltR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.560.0470.000
Volt SolidR Sol2K Abrl2.560.0470.000
War EagleR SolneaT2.500.0470.019
White Hot BadgerR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0410.000
Wisdom Red/SilverR PrlPolished2.5710.0350.000
WolverineR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0530.000
Wolverine Dark MossR Prl4K - Fast2.540.0530.000
XR SolneAt2.490.0350.000
X2R SolICE "C" Pad2.490.0350.000
XponentR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0420.000
Xponent PearlR PrlReacta Gloss2.480.0420.000
ZenR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0510.000
Zen Gold LabelR PrlReacta Gloss2.490.0510.000
Zen MasterR Sol3K Abraon2.490.0510.000
Zen SoulR Hyb4K Abrl2.490.0510.000
Zen UUre Sol1K Abrl2.560.0270.000

900 Global Ball Comparison Graph

The graph below shows a comparison of all 900 Global balls. It shows four dimensions from our on-lane testing results:

  • Horizontal axis: Total Hook rating
  • Vertical axis: Length rating
  • Circle size: Torque rating
  • Circle color: Backend rating

Hover over each colored circle in the graph to see that ball’s name and ratings. Click a colored circle to view that ball’s full review.

(Note: The graph below is just a preview. Our actual interactive ball comparison graph is only available to subscribers.)

Bowling Ball Comparison Graph Preview