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"I often get ask when participating in Pro Am events what is the place to go for coaching, technical bowling information, or generally how to improve knowledge of the game. I always point them towards BTM, as the knowledge I have learned from BTM's authors and coaches have helped me improve and take my game to a much higher level, including a PBA regional title! Topics from the physical game, to lane play, to ball motion and the mental approach are all covered. It is a must for all serious bowlers who want to improve and continue learning more about the sport we love."

- Stephen Haas (bowler, PBA regional champion, and Bowling This Month subscriber)

Featured Bowling Practice Articles

Challenges for Improving Your Bowling Practices

Using your practice time on the lanes effectively is essential to consolidating technique changes and to fast-tracking your skill development. If your training only consists of getting lined up and bowling a bunch of strikes, then you aren’t making the...

Technical, skill, versatility, and competition simulation

The Four Categories of Bowling Practice

Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes. But, there are lots of people that practice a lot who never get anywhere near perfect. Without going into the discussion of "perfection," the key to effective practice is having the right...

Mind Your Bowling - Part 2

In Part 2 of Mind Your Bowling, I will be discussing some of the practical things you can do to develop your mindfulness skills. There are a number of exercises and activities to practice in this article, and, although it...

The swing drill

Physical Game Drills to Improve Your Bowling - Part 1

One of the most common questions I hear from both coaches in training and bowlers looking to improve is what they need to do in order to fix something once they've identified the need. For many people, picking out what’s...

Practice: Not for the Fainthearted

Practice is an essential element of bowling. No news there. But practice won’t be much help if it isn’t done properly. “Properly” is an interesting word, but what does it mean to a bowler? It means knowing what you need...

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IssueArticle TitleAuthor
Challenges for Improving Your Bowling Practices
The Four Categories of Bowling Practice
Mind Your Bowling - Part 2
Physical Game Drills to Improve Your Bowling - Part 1
Practice: Not for the Fainthearted
The Coaching Round Table: Four Steps vs. Five, Sport Pattern Tips, and Better Adjustments
The PWBA Round Table: Conquering the Challenges of the 2017 Season
Movement Patterns and Feedback in Bowling Training Sessions
The PWBA Round Table: Tackling the PWBA Off-Season
How to Practice at Home
The PWBA Round Table: Improving Weaknesses and Practice Regimens
Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 2
GPA: Practice with a Purpose
Unlocking the Bowling Talent Code - Part 1
Building Skills
Staying Behind the Ball Better and Getting the Most Out of Practice Sessions
Random and Blocked Practice Strategies
Suffering the Bowler Blues?
The Walkabout
How to Train on a House Shot
How to Best Spend 10,000 Hours
To Be At Your Best, Do Less
How to Design a Productive Practice Session
Where is Your Next Level?
The T Word - Part 1
What to Do in Your Spare Time...
The T Word - Part 2