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Summary Table of All Motiv Ball Reviews

The table below shows a tabular comparison of all recently-reviewed Motiv bowling balls. Currently, all balls in our database are shown in the table. BTM subscribers can customize the columns displayed on their Edit Profile page.

You can sort this table by clicking on the header row of any column. Also, you can filter the data in the table by entering a search term in the search box below.

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Ball NameIssueCoverBox FinishRGDiffInt
2 CruelR Hyb4K Abrl2.550.0530.018
Alpha JackalR Sol2K Grit LSS2.470.0540.015
Ascent ApexR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.590.0250.000
Ascent Apex Pink/Green PearlR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.590.0250.000
Ascent PearlR Prl2K Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish2.590.0250.000
Ascent SolidR Sol1K Grit Wet Sand2.590.0250.000
Black VenomR Sol4K Grit LSS2.470.0360.013
Blue Coral VenomR Hyb4K Grit LSS2.470.0360.013
Blue TankMicrocell Polymer1K Grit LSS2.590.0230.000
Carbide TankMicrocell Polymer1K Grit LSS2.480.0340.000
Chronic ParanoiaR Sol4K Grit LSS2.530.0470.000
Combat TankUre Hyb3K Grit LSS2.590.0250.000
Covert RevoltR Sol3K Grit Sanded2.470.0560.000
Covert TankMicrocell Polymer2K Grit LSS2.500.0510.000
Crimson JackalR Prl5000 Grit LSS2.470.0540.015
Cruel C51R Hyb2K Grit Wet Sand2.480.0600.030
Cruel C51 LER Prl2K Grit Wet Sand2.480.0600.030
Cruel IntentR Prl4K Grit Sanded2.550.0530.018
Desert TankMicrocell Polymer2K Grit LSS2.570.0150.000
EvokeR Sol2K Grit LSS2.480.0500.015
Fatal VenomR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.480.0340.000
ForgeR Sol3K Grit LSS2.470.0550.000
Forge EmberR Hyb2K Grit LSS2.470.0550.000
Forge FireR Hyb4K Grit LSS2.470.0550.000
Forge FlareR Sol2K Grit LSS2.470.0550.000
ForzaR Sol3K Grit LSS2.500.0510.000
Forza GTR Hyb4K Grit LSS2.500.0510.000
Forza RedlineR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.500.0510.000
Forza SSR Sol3K Grit LSS2.470.0470.000
Freestyle R Prl5500 Grit LSP2.590.0250.000
Freestyle RushR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.600.0300.000
Golden JackalR Prl4K Grit LSS2.470.0550.019
Graffiti TagR Sol5500 Grit LSP2.550.0370.000
HydraR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.550.0370.000
Hyper VenomR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.480.0340.000
Iron ForgeR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.470.0550.000
JackalR Prl3K Grit LSS2.460.0600.015
Jackal AmbushR Sol1K Grit LSS2.470.0540.015
Jackal CarnageR Sol3K Grit LSS2.460.0600.015
Jackal FlashR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.470.0540.015
Jackal GhostR Sol3K Grit LSS2.470.0540.015
Jackal LegacyR Sol2K Grit LSS2.470.0540.015
Jackal RisingR Sol2K Grit LSS2.470.0550.019
Lethal ParanoiaR Hyb5500 Grit LSP2.530.0470.000
Mythic JackalR Hyb5000 Grit LSP2.470.0540.015
Nuclear ForgeR Prl5000 Grit LSS2.470.0550.000
OctaneR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.550.0430.000
Octane BurnR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.550.0430.000
Octane CarbonR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.560.0420.000
ParanoiaR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.530.0470.000
PrideR Sol4K Grit LSS2.500.0420.010
Pride DynastyR Sol2K Grit LSS2.500.0420.010
Pride EmpireR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.500.0420.010
Primal FearR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.550.0500.000
Primal ImpulseR Prl2K Grit Polished2.600.0500.000
Primal RageR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0500.000
Primal Rage RemixR Hyb4K Grit LSS2.550.0500.000
Primal ScreamR Sol4K Grit Sanded2.550.0500.000
Primal ShockR Sol4K Grit LSS2.550.0500.000
Primal TV4R Prl2K Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish2.540.0520.000
Purple TankUre Sol1K Grit LSS2.570.0150.000
Quadfire QZ2 BackdraftR Hyb2K Abrl/Power Gel Polish2.550.0430.000
QZ2R Prl4K Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish2.550.0430.000
Raptor AttackR Prl2K Grit Polished2.460.0600.015
Raptor FuryR Sol2K Grit LSS2.480.0550.000
Raptor P7R Sol4K Grit Wet Sand2.460.0600.015
Raptor TalonR Sol2K Wet Sand2.460.0600.015
Rebel TankUre Prl4K Grit LSS2.550.0370.000
Recon RX1 SilverR Prl4K Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish2.590.0250.000
Revolt HavocR Sol3K Grit LSS2.470.0560.000
Revolt VengeanceR Hyb5000 Grit LSP2.470.0560.000
RipcordR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.530.0470.000
Ripcord FlightR Sol3K Grit LSS2.530.0470.000
Ripcord LaunchR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.510.0480.000
Ripcord VelocityR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.530.0470.000
Rogue AssassinR Sol3K Grit LSS2.470.0470.000
Rogue BladeR Sol4K Grit LSS2.470.0470.000
Sigma HybridR Hyb1K Grit Wet Sand2.470.0470.000
Sigma StingR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.470.0470.000
Sigma TourR Sol2K Grit Wet Sand2.470.0440.000
Sky RaptorR Prl5000 Grit LSS2.480.0550.000
SupraR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.570.0500.000
Supra EnzoR Hyb5500 Grit LSP2.570.0500.000
Supra RallyR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.570.0400.000
T10R Sol3K Grit LSS2.540.0520.000
Tag CannonR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.550.0370.000
TankUre Sol2K Grit Sanded2.480.0340.000
Tank BlitzMicrocell Polymer2K Grit LSS2.480.0340.000
Tank RampageUre Sol3K Grit LSS2.550.0200.000
Tank Rampage PearlMicrocell Polymer1K Grit LSS2.550.0200.000
Tank YellowjacketMicrocell Polymer1K Grit LSS2.570.0150.000
ThrashR Sol1K Abrl2.550.0430.000
Thrash FrenzyR Prl2K Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish2.550.0430.000
ThrillR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.570.0150.000
Top Thrill HybridR Hyb5500 Grit LSP2.590.0230.000
Top Thrill SolidR Sol4K Grit LSS2.590.0230.000
TribalR Prl2K grit / Power Gel polish2.550.0370.000
Tribal FireR Hyb5000 Grit LSP2.550.0370.000
TridentR Hyb3K Grit LSS2.490.0540.017
Trident AbyssR Sol2K Grit LSS2.490.0540.017
Trident HorizonR Hyb4K Grit LSS2.520.0490.013
Trident NemesisR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.520.0490.013
Trident OdysseyR Sol2K Grit LSS2.490.0540.017
Trident QuestR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.490.0540.017
United RevoltR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.470.0560.000
Venom CobraR Hyb5500 Grit LSP2.470.0340.000
Venom PanicR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.480.0340.000
Venom RecoilR Sol4K Grit LSS2.470.0360.013
Venom ShockR Sol4K Grit Sanded2.480.0340.000
Venom Shock PearlR Prl5500 Grit LSP2.470.0350.000
Venom StrikeR Sol3K Wet Sand2.480.0340.000
Venom ToxinR Hyb2K Grit / Power Gel Polish2.480.0340.000
VillainR Sol3K Grit LSS2.540.0510.018
Villain ScornR Prl5000 Grit LSP2.540.0510.018

Motiv Ball Comparison Graph

The graph below shows a comparison of all Motiv balls. It shows four dimensions from our on-lane testing results:

  • Horizontal axis: Total Hook rating
  • Vertical axis: Length rating
  • Circle size: Torque rating
  • Circle color: Backend rating

Hover over each colored circle in the graph to see that ball’s name and ratings. Click a colored circle to view that ball’s full review.

(Note: The graph below is just a preview. Our actual interactive ball comparison graph is only available to subscribers.)

Bowling Ball Comparison Graph Preview