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Bowling ball motion is an incredibly fascinating and complex topic. There are so many factors that contribute to how your ball behaves on its trip from the foul line to the pins that it can be mind boggling to keep it all straight!

Bowlers who take the time to study the intricacies of ball motion absolutely, without any question at all, have an advantage over their less educated counterparts in today's modern game. Ball motion knowledge can help you make better lane play decisions that will help you maximize your scoring potential. It's one of our sports "soft skills," if you will.

Do you understand how your delivery style contributes to your ball's behavior? If you increase your rev rate, for example, do you know how and why that affects your ball's motion? Do you understand how bowling ball surface adjustments will affect your ball's motion? Do you understand the basics of how different oil patterns favor different types of ball motion shapes?

These are just a few of the topics that our contributors regularly focus on. Study their articles and apply their knowledge to your game so the next time you're confronted with a tough ball motion situation in your next tournament, you'll be better equipped to make the right decision!

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- Stephen Haas (bowler, PBA regional champion, and Bowling This Month subscriber)

Featured Bowling Ball Motion Articles

Understanding layouts, pin placements, and response to friction

The Layout Effect: Myth or Magic?

In our travels, it appears more and more that there is an underlying confusion as to how much effect layouts truly have on ball reaction. In visiting numerous pro shops, bowling forums, and informational websites, it is apparent that bowlers...

Some Random Thoughts on Pin Carry

Pin carry is an important topic to bowlers. Whether or not all the pins fall consistently on pocket shots can have a huge impact on a bowler's scoring pace. A couple of corner pins left at the wrong time can...

Tips for improving your pin carry by improving your ball motion

See the Clues, Make the Moves

Bowling is a sport about repeating shots and making good decisions about how to play the lanes. If two bowlers have equal technical skills, it will generally be the one that makes better decisions that will knock down more pins....

An exploration of its importance (or lack thereof)

Pin-to-PAP Distance and Its Effect on Bowling Ball Motion

Pin-to-PAP distance is one of the dozens of factors that can affect the on-lane motion of a bowling ball. It is defined as the distance, measured along the surface of the ball, from the bowler's positive axis point (PAP) to...

A lot has changed since you were last here!

Welcome Back to the Sport of Bowling - Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of, well, the Welcome Back to the Sport of Bowling series (click here for Part 1). I started this series because I have had so many bowlers in the last couple of years contact me...

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The Layout Effect: Myth or Magic? and
Some Random Thoughts on Pin Carry
See the Clues, Make the Moves
Pin-to-PAP Distance and Its Effect on Bowling Ball Motion
Welcome Back to the Sport of Bowling - Part 2
The Seven Common Problems That Can Hurt Your Bowling Scores
Some Thoughts on Bowling Ball Surface Wear and Lane Oils
Bowling Ball Balance Hole Fundamentals
Tournament Lane Play Preparation
Ball Motion Gap Analysis
What's Your Shot Shape?
Is Big Hook Really Necessary?
Matching Ball Motion Shape to Breakpoint Zones
I Just Wanna Bowl!
Shape Shifting
Understanding Bowler Delivery Parameters
El Dorado and El Diablo
Demonstrating Ball Motion
Seven Misconceptions
Recognizing and Producing the Matching Up Process
The Ledge
The Art of Unlearning
Resistance: The Other 25%