Columbia 300 Bowling Ball Reviews

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Summary Table of All Columbia 300 Ball Reviews

The table below shows a tabular comparison of all recently-reviewed Columbia 300 bowling balls. Currently, all balls in our database are shown in the table. BTM subscribers can customize the columns displayed on their Edit Profile page.

You can sort this table by clicking on the header row of any column. Also, you can filter the data in the table by entering a search term in the search box below.

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Ball NameIssueCoverBox FinishRGDiffInt
AnticsR Hyb500 Abrn / 3K Abrl2.500.0540.013
AtlasR Sol500 / 2K SiaAir2.5200.0540.018
BallerR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.520.0520.018
BeastR Prl500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.540.0350.000
BenchmarkR Hyb800 Abrn / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl2.510.0520.000
Blur HybridR Hyb800 Abrn / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.520.0450.000
Blur PearlR Prl800 Abrn / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.520.0450.000
Blur SolidR Sol800 Abrn / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.520.0450.000
ChaosR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.480.0540.000
Chaos BlackR Sol500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.480.0540.000
Command SolidR Sol500 / 1.5K SiaAir2.5130.0530.021
Crazy AnticsR Prl500 / 500 / 1.5K Abrn Soft / PHFF Polish2.500.0540.016
Cuda PowerCORR Sol500 / 1.5K SiaAir2.5010.0470.000
Cuda PowerCOR PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Factory Compound2.5010.0470.000
Dark EncounterR Sol500 / 1K / 2K / 2K Abrl2.500.0520.013
Deep FreezeR Prl800 / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.590.0350.000
DeliriumR Prl500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.460.0430.000
Delirium ShockR Sol500 / 4K Abrl2.460.0430.000
DisorderR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.460.0400.000
DisruptionR Sol800 Abrn / 1K / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.460.0400.000
Dynamic SwingR Hyb500 / 2K SiaAir2.4820.0470.012
Dynamic Swing PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.4820.0470.012
EncounterR Prl500 / 1K / 2K / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0520.013
EnigmaR Sol800 Abrn / 800 Abrn / 1.5K Abrn Soft / 1.5K Abrn Soft2.500.0520.013
EruptionR Prl800 / 1K / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.460.0430.000
Eruption PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.4690.0430.000
Eruption ProR Sol500 / 500 / 500 Abrl / 1.5K Abrn Soft / PHFF Polish2.500.0360.000
Eruption Pro BlueR Sol500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0360.000
Eruption Pro HybridR Hyb500 / 500 / 500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0360.000
Explosion R Hyb500 / 2K SiaAir2.4690.0430.000
FreezeR Prl4K Grit Polished2.560.0470.000
Freeze HybridR Hyb2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.560.0470.000
Freeze SolidR Sol2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.560.0470.000
High SpeedR Hyb500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Factory Compound2.4780.0500.015
ImpulseR Hyb500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.490.0500.000
Impulse SolidR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.490.0500.000
JukeR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.510.0470.000
KaboomR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Factory Compound2.5290.0460.000
LitR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.470.0520.020
Lit PearlR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.470.0520.020
Mad AnticsR Hyb500 / 4K Abrl / PH CnS Compound2.500.0540.016
MadnessR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.4950.0480.012
Mass EruptionR Hyb800 / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl2.460.0400.000
Melt DownR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.510.0530.000
MessengerR Prl500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.570.0210.000
Messenger PowerCOR Black/Gold PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 2K SiaAir / Factory Compound2.5150.0400.000
Messenger PowerCOR PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 2K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.5150.0400.000
Messenger PowerCOR SolidR Sol500 / 1.5K / 3K SiaAir2.5150.0400.000
N'Sane AnticsR Sol500 / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / PH CnS Compound2.500.0420.016
NitrousR Prl500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.550.0330.000
OathR Sol500 / 800 Abrn / 1K / 2K Abrl2.470.0540.000
OmenR Prl500 / 500 / 4K / 4K Abrl2.470.0540.000
OutburstR Sol800 / 800 / 1K / 1K Abrl2.460.0430.000
Piranha PowerCORR Sol500 / 2K SiaAir2.5180.0550.000
Power TorqR Sol500 / 2K SiaAir2.4890.0540.000
Power Torq PearlR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.4890.0540.000
Pure MadnessR Sol500 / 2K SiaAir2.4950.0480.012
Pure PhysicsR Sol800 / 1K / 2K Abrl2.510.0560.015
RansomR Prl800 / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl / Polish2.530.0550.016
Ransom DemandR Sol800 / 1K / 2K / 4K Abrl2.530.0560.016
Raw UrgeR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.500.0560.015
ResurgenceR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.460.0430.000
SaberR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.500.0540.016
Saber PearlR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0540.016
SavageR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.490.0510.016
Savage LifeR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.490.0510.016
Severe DeliriumR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.460.0430.000
SideswipeR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0410.000
Sideswipe SolidR Sol500 / 1K / 3K Abrl2.500.0410.000
Smack DownR Hyb500 / 500 Abrn / 2K / 2K Abrl2.510.0530.000
SpeedR Hyb500 / 1.5K SiaAir2.4780.0500.015
SpoilerR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.520.0450.000
Spoiler AlertR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.520.0450.000
SwerveR Sol500 / 1K / 2K Abrl2.470.0520.007
Swerve FXR Prl500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.470.0520.007
Swerve GTR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl2.470.0520.007
Take DownR Prl500 / 3K Abrl2.510.0530.000
The Classic U2Ure Sol2K Abrl2.460.0430.000
Throw DownR Sol500 / 500 / 500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.510.0530.000
Top SpeedR Prl500 / 1K / 1.5K SiaAir / Crown Factory Compound2.4780.0500.015
TyrantR Sol500 / 2K Abrl2.480.0560.011
Tyrant PearlR Prl500 / 1K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.480.0560.011
UrgeR Hyb500 / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.500.0560.015
Violent EruptionR Prl800 Abrn / 1K / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.460.0400.000
VowR Prl500 / 800 / 1K / 2K Abrl / PHFF Polish2.470.0540.000
Wicked EncounterR Hyb800 / 800 Abrl / 1.5K / 1.5K Abrn2.500.0520.013
World BeaterR Sol800 / 1K / 2K/ 2K Abrl2.540.0550.017

Columbia 300 Ball Comparison Graph

The graph below shows a comparison of all Columbia 300 balls. It shows four dimensions from our on-lane testing results:

  • Horizontal axis: Total Hook rating
  • Vertical axis: Length rating
  • Circle size: Torque rating
  • Circle color: Backend rating

Hover over each colored circle in the graph to see that ball’s name and ratings. Click a colored circle to view that ball’s full review.

(Note: The graph below is just a preview. Our actual interactive ball comparison graph is only available to subscribers.)

Bowling Ball Comparison Graph Preview