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Featured Bowling Spare Shooting Articles

Improving your scores and consistency through data collection, training, and spare shooting strategy revision

Collecting and Analyzing Purposeful Spare Shooting Data

At one of my recent clinics, I asked the participants to share with me their 13th most frequent spare leave. Stunned by the question, there was absolute silence. After a quick pause, I asked them if it would be valuable...

The Top Five Things You Can Do to Improve in 2018

It’s a new year, and it’s time to take a look at what you can do this year so that you'll finish 2018 better than you started. Here are my top five suggestions on where to focus your efforts. Check...

Playing the Percentages

Bowling is a game of percentages. A lot of the more tech-savvy bowlers among us keep track of their various percentages and stats using apps on their smartphones. Many veteran bowlers who don't formally keep digital records of their stats...

Creating the correct targeting angles for spare shooting

Bowling in a Parallel Universe

During my many years spent coaching youth bowlers on the lanes, a common yet often misrepresented concept is that of parallel lines. It is my belief that this misconception is initiated by the visual perception created by the lane itself....

A spare shooting system for modern high average bowlers

The Shadow Pin Spare System

Living in Las Vegas where there are over a dozen bowling centers, most of which have over 60 lanes, I get the opportunity to watch good bowlers every day. Whether in leagues, tournaments, pot games, or practice, I believe the...

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Collecting and Analyzing Purposeful Spare Shooting Data
The Top Five Things You Can Do to Improve in 2018
Playing the Percentages
Bowling in a Parallel Universe
The Shadow Pin Spare System
Never Shoot a Single Pin Again
Fast and Furious Changes in the Game of Bowling
Sparemeister - Part 3
Sparemeister - Part 2
Sparemeister - Part 1
Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?
The T Word - Part 1
What to Do in Your Spare Time...