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Summary Table of All Storm Ball Reviews

The table below shows a tabular comparison of all recently-reviewed Storm bowling balls. Currently, all balls in our database are shown in the table. BTM subscribers can customize the columns displayed on their Edit Profile page.

You can sort this table by clicking on the header row of any column. Also, you can filter the data in the table by entering a search term in the search box below.

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Ball NameIssueCoverBox FinishRGDiffInt
2FastR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0440.000
2FuriousR Sol2K Abrl2.530.0440.000
AbsoluteR HybReacta Gloss2.480.0500.021
Absolute PowerR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0500.021
All-RoadR Hyb4K Abrl2.570.0460.000
Alpha CruxR Sol2K Abrl2.500.0520.017
AnarchyR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0540.017
AstroPhysiXR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0530.017
AxiomR Sol3K Abrl2.480.0500.000
Axiom PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0500.000
ByteR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0430.020
Code BlackR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.500.0580.020
Code RedR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.500.0580.020
Code XR Sol3K Abrl2.500.0580.020
CrossroadR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.560.0520.000
CruxR Hyb3K Grit Pad2.500.0520.017
Crux PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.500.0520.017
Crux PrimeR Sol2K Abrl2.500.0520.017
Dark CodeR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.500.0580.020
DNAR Sol2K Abrl2.470.0530.023
DNA CoilR PrlReacta Gloss2.470.0530.023
DriveR Hyb3K Abrl2.570.0500.000
Fast PitchUre Sol1K Abrl2.610.0300.000
FateR PrlReacta Gloss2.520.0530.000
Fever PitchUre Prl2K Abrl2.610.0300.000
FightR Sol3K Grit Abrl2.620.0430.000
Fire RoadR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.560.0520.000
FranticR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0450.000
Freak’n FranticR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0450.000
FringeR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0450.000
Gravity EvolveR Sol2K Abrl2.480.0520.020
Hy-RoadR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0460.000
Hy-Road MaxR Sol3K Abrl2.570.0460.000
Hy-Road NanoR Sol2K Abrl2.570.0460.000
Hy-Road PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0460.000
Hy-Road SolidR Sol2K Grit Sanded2.570.0460.000
Hy-Road XR Sol1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0460.000
InciteR Hyb3K Abrl2.500.0530.013
Infinite PhysiXR Prl4K Abrl2.480.0530.017
IntenseR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0500.017
Intense FireR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0500.017
IQR Sol3K Abrl2.480.0500.000
IQ TourR Sol4K Abrl2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour 30R Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour 78/UUre Sol500 Abrl2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour EmeraldR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour FusionR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour NanoR Sol4K Grit Pad2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour Nano PearlR Prl3K Abrl2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.490.0290.000
IQ Tour RubyR PrlReacta Gloss2.490.0290.000
JourneyR PrlReacta Gloss2.520.0530.000
Joy RideR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.580.0210.000
Lightning BlackoutR PrlReacta Gloss2.530.0290.000
Lights OutR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0380.000
LockR Hyb3K Abrl2.480.0540.018
LucidR Prl4K Abrl2.480.0500.017
Major 52R Hyb1K Abrl2.490.0580.019
ManicR Sol4K Abrl2.530.0450.000
MarvelR Sol2K Abrl2.480.0520.000
Marvel PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0500.000
Marvel-SR Sol3K Abrl2.480.0500.000
MatchR Sol2K Abrl2.550.0300.000
Match PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0300.000
Match Up PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0350.000
Match Up SolidR Sol1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0350.000
Modern MarvelR Hyb4K Abrl2.480.0500.000
Natural PearlUre Prl4K Abrl2.530.0400.000
Night RoadR Prl4K - Fast2.570.0460.000
NovaR Hyb3K Abrl2.490.0520.019
Omega CruxR Prl3K Abrl2.500.0520.017
OptimusR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0480.000
Optimus SolidR Sol2K Grit Pad2.480.0480.000
ParallaxR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0540.019
Parallax EffectR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0540.019
PhazeR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0510.000
Phaze 4R Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0510.000
Phaze IIR Sol3K Abrl2.480.0510.000
Phaze IIIR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0510.000
Phaze VR PrlReacta Gloss2.480.0510.000
PhysiXR Hyb3K Abrl2.480.0530.017
Pitch BlackUre Sol1K Grit Sanded2.570.0220.000
Pitch BlueUre Prl2K Abrl2.570.0220.000
Pitch PurpleUre Sol1K Abrl2.570.0220.000
Polar IceUre Hyb3500 Grit Polished2.690.0060.000
Pro-MotionR Sol2K Abrl2.520.0490.000
Proton PhysiXR Sol2K Abrl2.480.0530.017
Punch OutR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0380.000
Reign of PowerR Sol1K Abrl2.570.0480.000
Reign OnR Hyb4K Abrl2.570.0480.000
Reign SupremeR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0520.000
RevenantR PrlReacta Gloss2.540.0500.000
RideR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.580.0210.000
RocketR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0460.000
Rocket ShipR Sol3K Grit Sheen2.540.0460.000
Sky RocketR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0460.000
Snap LockR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0540.018
SonIQR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.470.0470.000
SpectreR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0500.000
Street FightR Prl3K Grit Sheen2.620.0430.000
SummitR Hyb3K Abrl2.460.0560.000
Summit PeakR PrlReacta Gloss2.460.0560.000
Super NaturalUre Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.550.0380.000
Super NovaR Sol2K Abrl2.490.0520.019
Super SonIQR Hyb3K Abrl2.470.0470.000
Sure LockR Sol2K Abrl2.480.0540.018
SyncR Sol4K Abrl2.470.0580.028
The RoadR HybReacta Gloss2.550.0450.000
TimelessR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0500.000
TorrentR Sol2K Abrl2.560.0440.000
TrendR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.520.0490.000
Trend 2R Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.540.0410.000
Tropical BreezeR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0090.000
Tropical Breeze Black/CherryR Hyb1.5K Grit Polished2.570.0090.000
Tropical Heat Black/PurpleR Hyb4K Abrl2.550.0380.000
Victory RoadR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.530.0550.000
Victory Road SolidR Sol3K Abrl2.560.0520.000
Virtual Energy BlackoutR PrlReacta Gloss2.480.0520.020
Virtual Gravity NanoR Sol4K Abrl2.480.0520.020
Virtual Gravity Nano PearlR Prl1.5K Grit Polished2.480.0520.020
VividR Sol2K Abrl2.520.0500.017
Wipe OutR Sol3K Grit Sanded2.550.0380.000
Wise ManR Prl2K grit polish2.580.0540.000
Zero GravityR Sol4K Grit Pad2.550.0370.010

Storm Ball Comparison Graph

The graph below shows a comparison of all Storm balls. It shows four dimensions from our on-lane testing results:

  • Horizontal axis: Total Hook rating
  • Vertical axis: Length rating
  • Circle size: Torque rating
  • Circle color: Backend rating

Hover over each colored circle in the graph to see that ball’s name and ratings. Click a colored circle to view that ball’s full review.

(Note: The graph below is just a preview. Our actual interactive ball comparison graph is only available to subscribers.)

Bowling Ball Comparison Graph Preview