Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:The Nuts
Reviewed:July 2011
Coverstock Specs
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:neaT
Color:Blue / Red
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.018

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The Nuts is the first 900 Global release that gives a few new looks to the ball. 900 Global has gone to a three logo system, ball name on left the side, 900 Global logo up on the top, and coverstock name on the right side. The second, and more important new look, is the use of the new NEAT finishing process. NEAT is a series of four pads created to enhance the potential peaks and valleys in the coverstock. The highlighted letter tells the bowler which pad was used for the final step in the finishing process. The Nuts uses neaT, which gives the aesthetics of a polished or compounded ball finish. The advantage to this process is that there is no polish or compound materials between the coverstock and the lane surface. The added traction in oil because of this process gave us a great look on our medium test pattern.

All three testers were able to play in their comfort zone and saw a massive change in direction down lane. This was the perfect match-up for Tweener. Because of his equal speed and revs, he isn’t used to seeing a back end reaction as strong as what The Nuts gave him. Stroker and Cranker weren’t far behind as all three were able to move left and have recovery from nearly anywhere on this pattern.

The heavy pattern was just a little too much oil for Tweener and Stroker to get The Nuts back to the pocket. For their test balls we used the next step in the NEAT process, the neAt pad, which is what is best described as around a 3000 Abralon finish. This rougher finish gave them the traction needed to bite through the slick pattern.

Stroker was the only tester to have much success on the dry pattern, due to the lower rev rate. Tweener and Cranker added a dab of polish, but still were forced to stand up against the ball return and get it as far right as they could.

The strength off the breakpoint was too much back end on our sport pattern. The Nuts was too strong where this pattern needs to be played and it couldn’t recover from the OB when we got it too far right. Go with a control layout if you’re looking to use this one on sport conditions.

Performance Ratings

This ball gives bowlers the confidence that the back end movement will be there shot after shot. The Nuts has one of the stronger motions at the breakpoint without sacrificing consistency.
Through a new finishing process, The Nuts looks like a compounded or shiny finish without the pores being clogged or closed by either material. This new system of sanding pads lets The Nuts have the length of a polished bowling ball.
Back End17
The strong motion off the breakpoint continues through the pin deck. The Nuts will give any ball on the market a run for the money in back end movement.
Total Hook51
If this ball was stronger up front it would easily pass balls like the Eagle and Break Out for total hook. This ball is best suited for medium to medium-oily lane conditions. The total hook is slightly less than the ball mentioned above, but the motion is different.


The back end recovery is this ball’s biggest asset. The finishing process change allows The Nuts to be clean through the front and keep its energy for the back end without sacrificing traction in the midlane.


Only the extremes of conditions will keep The Nuts in the bag. The really slick stuff and the deserts aren’t the proper environments for success using this ball.

Overall Summary

900 Global rolls out The Nuts to provide bowlers with one of the strongest bowling balls at the back end to come out of San Antonio in the past few years. The combination of the new finish process and new core will give 900 Global users a new look on the lanes.

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