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Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:November 2010
Coverstock Specs
Name:PowrKoil 18
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:500 SiaAir / Rough Buff / High Gloss Finish
Color:Red / Blue / Violet Pearl
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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With the release of the Damage, Brunswick has created a new theme in their Advanced Performance line of balls. For years, Brunswick has used proven covers at this price point and this time they have decided to use one of their best covers ever. The PowrKoil 18 cover started back in the day of the Danger Zones and was used several times after that. The core design in the Damage is a new one for Brunswick. It features a higher than normal RG with four to five inches of flare potential. The combination of this core and cover gives the bowler easy length through the first half of the lane with a strong reaction downlane.

We found the Damage to match up best with our medium test pattern. We were able to play closer to the friction than we normally can on this pattern, due to the ease with which it pushes down the lane. The reaction at the breakpoint was aggressive but not overly aggressive. As this pattern opened up, all three testers were able to move in a touch and give it more room through the front of the lane. We were able to keep using the ball for several games since we could start with a straighter line to the pocket, thus leaving us plenty of room to move into the oil.

The drier test pattern offered the second best overall reaction with the Damage. Even with the lower volume of oil on this pattern, the Damage cleared the front fairly well. Cranker had to move in the deepest, as usual, due to his higher rev rate. With the extra friction from the lane, we could get the ball back from almost anywhere. It won’t last as long on drier patterns as it will on medium patterns.

Higher volumes of oil will make the Damage push way too far down the lane to be useful. Stronger layouts and surface adjustments may help, but wouldn’t make much sense. There are plenty of better choices in Brunswick’s lineup for the heavy stuff.

The Damage will fair the best on medium to light oil sport patterns, especially ones that have been chewed up a bit.

Performance Ratings

The Damage does very little in the first two-thirds of the lane. The ball shows its worth at the breakpoint, where it is much stronger than previous balls in Brunswick’s Advanced Performance line.
The factory finish of the Damage will be an excellent match for medium and medium-light oil patterns. Those with higher ball speeds will even be able to use it on light oil patterns as well.
Back End15.5
The Damage will cover a fair amount of area at the back end of the lane. It won’t make it back from extreme angles, but that is because of how far down the lane it gets before it turns the corner.
Total Hook47
The overall hook potential is perfect for playing small swing shots on medium patterns. The Damage will fit nicely between the Avalanches and some of the previous balls in Brunswick’s Advanced Performance line.


What we liked most about the Damage was the easy length it gave all three testers. This will be perfect for lane surfaces that tend to hook a little early.


The Damage will struggle on lanes that have length, due to the length the ball provides. Those with slower balls speeds might be able to use it on oily conditions, but long and oily patterns will force it to be put away.

Overall Summary

The Damage combines a new core with a pearl version of Brunswick’s proven PowrKoil 18 cover. This combination creates easy length with a strong move at the breakpoint for medium and medium-light oil patterns.

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