Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Nexxxus f(P+S)
Reviewed:September 2012
Coverstock Specs
Name:Addaptive f(P+S) Pearl
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:500 SiaAir / Rough Buff
Color:Bronze / Graphite Pearl
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.012

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The Nexxxus f(P+S) is the newest high performance release from Brunswick and the second ball this month that uses a lot of X’s in the name. Turns out that’s for good reason as that is what we saw on the scoreboard during the testing of this ball. This new formulation of coverstock surrounds the Arrowhead core used in the only other pearl Nexus ball.

The shiny finish of this ball matched up better for the testers on the medium test pattern. The length and back end recovery were expected on this pattern, but the grip this ball could create on the lane through the oily parts of the pattern was quite impressive.

When we moved to the heavy pattern, Cranker had just as good a look as he did on the medium. He was able to see recovery to the right and a lot of traction through the oil. Tweener was close, but his higher ball speed caused a little wiggle when he did not get it to the friction. Stroker was close as well, but the lower rev rate caused just a little squirt when he got fast with his feet. We used a 2000 Siaair pad on Stroker’s and Tweener’s test equipment to really open up this pattern for them. Bowlers who can adjust their hand positions, ball speed, and tilt will be able to use this ball on medium and heavy conditions. Players who are a little less versatile will need to alter the surface slightly to get the desired reaction.

The Nexxxus also tested well for a shiny pearl ball on our sport pattern. This ball showed no signs of overskidding in the oil or being too angular off the friction.

The dry test pattern was the only pattern where the Nexxxus struggled, but it was not designed for patterns like these. Keep it on patterns where skid through the front, traction, and a strong midlane roll followed by an aggressive move at the back end are desired.

Performance Ratings

The Nexxxus is the strongest of the series at the breakpoint. With the combination of the core and this new coverstock, the ball really pops when it sees friction down lane.
The polished cover helps push the ball down the lane. The cover stores all kinds of energy for the back end.
Back End17.5
This is one of the highest back end ratings we have given a Brunswick ball. There is nothing that can keep this ball from making a turn down lane.
Total Hook54
The total hook is a high rating for a pearl ball with polish. The Nexxxus is one of the few balls that can create friction in the oil, while still maintaining a move at the back end.


There are very few conditions on which the Nexxxus cannot be used. It hooked on the oily test pattern and still got enough length on the medium and drier test patterns.


There is little the Nexxxus is not capable of doing. Only the heaviest of oils could keep this ball from creating traction.

Overall Summary

The Nexxxus, to us, is the most useful ball in the line. We could use it on almost all the patterns and it takes to surface adjustments well.

The BTM Ball Testing Team

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