Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Marauder Madness
Reviewed:November 2012
Coverstock Specs
Name:Class 5G Reactive
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:500 / 4000 Siaair
Color:Blue / Neon Yellow Solid
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Marauder Madness uses the same core as the Marauder, with a different, stronger, solid coverstock. The Class 5G coverstock creates much more traction on the lane than the previous solid in this line, the Too Reckless.

The sanded covered Marauder Madness matched up best with our medium test pattern. The Madness offered the perfect amount of total hook and energy at the back end. We were able to play in our comfort zones as well as square up and increase the ball speed to give us a little different reaction going through the pins. We were able to move left as the pattern broke down and keep the Marauder Madness at the box finish the entire time.

The box finish was also handy on the heavy test pattern. This coverstock proved to be strong enough to handle the increased length and volume of this pattern. All the testers were able to move about four boards with their feet and target from where we graphed the balls on the medium pattern. Like on the medium, as the oil went away from the track area, we were able to chase the oil inside and never had any problems with the Marauder Madness not being strong enough to get back to the pocket consistently.

Our flatter sport pattern gave us the next best reaction. Once again, we felt this new coverstock allowed us to have a few boards to play with at the breakpoint. Up to this point, we still did not have to alter the box finish on any of our test patterns.

That changed quickly when we got to the short pattern. This lane condition offered way too much friction for the Marauder Madness. Even Stroker, who is a very down the boards player, saw too much hook too early on this pattern. We made the same surface adjustment on all three test balls to make them usable on the short. We started at 500 Siaair and followed that with 1000, 2000, and 4000 pads before applying Brunswick’s Factory Finish Polish. With the cover shined up, we were able to find the pocket on this pattern.

Performance Ratings

The sanded, solid cover is smoother at the back end than the Marauder. The change in cover and box finish are the reason for the difference.
The box finish is a new finishing process for DV8. The 500/4000 Siaair finish gives this ball some traction without starting too early.
Back End15.5
Because this ball starts earlier and reads the midlane more strongly than the Marauder, the back end rating is lower. The Madness still offered plenty of recovery on our medium test pattern.
Total Hook52
This ball offers more hook than any other DV8 mid-performance ball. Still less than the Revenge and the new Nightmare, the Marauder Madness is more than the only other solid at this price point, the Too Reckless.


The Marauder Madness offers predictable hook on medium to oily lane conditions. There are no surprises with this ball, just strong, quality performance.


Extreme wet or really dry lane conditions are not suitable for the Marauder Madness. Instead of trying to trick this ball with layouts or surfaces, there are better ball selections for these types of patterns.

Overall Summary

The sanded cover with its new finishing process gives the Marauder Madness some traction in the oil and more overall motion than the Marauder. This and the other DV8 release this month, the Nightmare, are the first two solid sanded bowling balls since the Hell Raiser Revenge.

The BTM Ball Testing Team

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