Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Too Reckless
Reviewed:December 2011
Coverstock Specs
Name:Class 3L
Type:Reactive Solid
Box Finish:500 SiaAir / Rough Buff / High Gloss Polish
Color:Black / Neon Green Solid
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

For details on our standard test layouts, please click here.

The DV8 Too Reckless features the same weight block as the Reckless with a solid coverstock.

The Class 3L solid cover matched up best with our medium lane condition. Cranker was just inside of the fourth arrow and sending it to around the seven board. Tweener was lined up between the second and third arrow and Stroker was playing more up the boards around the second arrow. The only trouble we had with pin carry on this pattern was when we were not coming out of it cleanly, trying to help it turn harder when the Too Reckless did not require it.

Each tester was playing about five boards farther right when we moved to the longer heavy oil pattern than they were on the medium. We first tried to alter the surface by removing the last finishing step of the box finish. We took all three test balls down with a 500 Siaair pad, then used just Rough Buff. This was enough for Cranker to see an extra four to five boards of hook. Tweener and Stroker still needed a little more help so we finished their Too Reckless’ with a 2000 Siaair pad. These surface adjustments, plus the physical movements on the lane, lined up all three testers on this pattern.

At the box finish, this ball was simply too strong for the dry pattern with our standard layout. Weaker layouts will be a must in order to get much use out of this ball on drier patterns.

On our sport pattern we needed to smooth out the box finish a touch in order to create a ball motion that was more controllable. The polished finish created too much skid at the breakpoint and would cause shots that were not missed by much look much worse than they actually were. We had the most success by making our first surface adjustment on the heavy test pattern removing the High Gloss polish and keeping the Rough Buff finish.

Performance Ratings

This one is smooth and controllable at the breakpoint which helps in its versatility. This allowed the testers to play from both inside or outside.
The Too Reckless reads the lane much sooner than the Reckless due to the change in the cover. Even though it is highly polished, this ball has the perfect amount of length for most medium patterns.
Back End14
There is plenty of back end recovery built into the Too Reckless. It is not the strongest ball on the market at the back end, but it will get the job done.
Total Hook49
This Reckless has the potential to cover more boards than the original. The overall hook potential is best suited for medium lanes, but this one can handle almost any condition.


The solid coverstock of the Too Reckless eliminated the squirt down lane that can be seen from the Reckless as oil began to carry down the lane. When you can improve a product without taking away the strengths of the original, the new product should have even more success.


The coat of High Gloss finish can create too much length on heavy oil patterns. Since there is no pearl in the coverstock, the Too Reckless can also start to read the lane too early as the head oil disappears.

Overall Summary

The Too Reckless is a solid version of the Reckless from the maiden batch release of DV8 products. This ball will fit between the Reckless and Hell Raiser.

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