Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:July 2011
Coverstock Specs
Name:GB 10.7
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:4000 Abralon / Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Color:Purple / Orange / Yellow; Black / Gold / Silver; Navy/Pink / Gold
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Cyclone features a new core design that is surrounded by the proven GB 10.7 cover found on many Ebonite favorites such as the Game Breaker and The One.  This new core design has the ability to store energy for the back end. Add that to a polished pearl cover and it takes this characteristic to another level. Like the Hard Ball and Curve Ball, this ball will perform best on medium patterns, which include most typical house shots. It has the ability to handle some drier lane conditions as well.

We gave this ball the highest ratings on our medium test pattern. The length and strong back end were perfect for this type of condition. The Cyclone’s ability to retain energy for the back end allowed us to stay with it as the pattern broke down. All three testers were able to chase the shot inside without losing the ability to carry the corners.

On the drier pattern we made an adjustment of about an arrow or so deeper than we were playing on the medium pattern. As long as we kept it in the oil and didn’t hit the track area too early, we were able to hit the pocket without suffering any loss of carry. Pay close attention to the reaction and don’t be afraid to start moving left as the Cyclone starts to creep high.

The length created by the shiny box finish of the Cyclone was too much for the heavy test pattern. The Mission $250K and other balls with that type of reaction are a better match for heavy volume patterns. If you insist on trying to use the Cyclone on a long and heavy oil pattern, make sure to use a strong layout and start with the surface around 1000 grit Abralon.

The Cyclone held its own on our sport pattern. Medium sport patterns that have opened up a little will be the time players want the Cyclone in their hands.

Performance Ratings

We wouldn’t call the reaction of the Cyclone angular, although it will still make a strong move toward the pocket. The core allows this ball to be a little smoother and much more continuous than the Hard and Curve Ball from last year.
The 4000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish easily pushes the Cyclone down the lane. The length is best suited for medium to medium-dry conditions. Removing the shine will allow the ball to bite through medium heavy to medium patterns.
Back End15
The back end reaction is very continuous. We didn’t see any signs of this one giving up energy after exiting the breakpoint.
Total Hook46
The total hook potential allows the Cyclone to be used on most house shots. As the pattern dries out, users will be able to chase the oil inside without worrying about lack of recovery or lack of pin carry because of the high flare potential.


The amount of performance for the price is the biggest asset of the Cyclone. It offers the right amount of length and movement in the midlane and back end to handle any medium type oil pattern on which it is used.


The finish of the Cyclone holds back its true potential for medium heavy to heavy oil patterns. Do not hesitate to rough the surface to achieve more movement.

Overall Summary

Ebonite has taken the challenge of competing at the entry level by removing Tornados, the Hard Ball and Curve Ball, and introducing the Cyclone. A proven cover combined with a low RG/high differential core is something usually reserved for mid to upper-mid price categories. The Cyclone brings these benefits to the bowler on a budget.

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