Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:March 2012
Coverstock Specs
Name:Hyper Branched MDI Technology
Type:Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish:500 Abralon / 1500 Abranet
Color:Turquoise / Purple
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.008

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The Pursuit is one of two new releases in Ebonite’s high performance line. This ball and the Pursuit S are the first products released in this price point since the successful Mission line of bowling balls. This new product line is all new: new core, new coverstock, and new finishing process. This one uses an asymmetrical version of the same core shape as the Pursuit S with a change in shape and densities to lower the RG and the differential. The combination of this core and cover creates a ball motion that offers a strong midlane roll combined with a strong move at the breakpoint. The overall hook potential of the Pursuit will match up best with oilier conditions for the masses while those with medium and lower rev rates will have success on medium patterns.

All three of our testers found the box finish of the Pursuit to perform best on our oily test pattern. Tweener and Stroker had just a little better look on the fresh because of how strongly the Pursuit read the midlane. Once this pattern opened up a little, all three could move left with their feet without seeing the Pursuit check and quit.

The medium pattern offered a nice look for both Tweener and Stroker. With a small step left both were able to keep this ball at the box finish. Their carry percentage was not affected at all on this pattern. Cranker was forced much deeper than he would like to be on the fresh. A healthy coat of Powerhouse Factory Finish polish was what he needed. He was able to move back to where he was on the oily pattern and get right back in the pocket. Our short pattern lacks the length and volume of oil for success with this type of ball.

Sport patterns on the medium to oily side will offer the best look with the Pursuit. All three testers were able to make the ball work with the box finish. Smoother layouts will see even more strikes.

Performance Ratings

The new Hyper Branched MDI Technology combined with the Empire core stores a good amount of energy for the breakpoint. We were able to very clearly see the Pursuit going through its hook phases as it rolled down the lane.
The 1500 Abranet box finish is a first for an EBI product. This cover at this finish creates traction in the midlane, setting it up for a good move at the back end.
Back End16.5
The Pursuit covers a lot of boards from the breakpoint to the pins for a dull finish bowling ball. On medium to oily conditions, this one will make it back even on shots a little wide of target.
Total Hook53
The Pursuit has the ability to handle longer and heavier volumes of oil. We had more success playing a slightly tighter line to the pocket and using the Pursuit-S when we wanted to go around the lane more.


The biggest benefit to the Pursuit is the predictability of the ball throughout the lane. The ball makes defined movements as it skids, rolls, and hooks.


Extremely dry lanes will cause either too much hook or a lack of power at the pins. Slow speeds and high rev rates will want to raise the box finish for dry conditions.

Overall Summary

The Pursuit is the asymmetrical version of a new dual high performance Ebonite release. This ball handles oil well, stores sufficient energy through the pins, and is slightly smoother than its symmetrical brother, the Pursuit S.

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