Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Reviewed:October 2010
Coverstock Specs
Name:Vigor HT Pearl Reactive
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:4000 SiaAir
Color:Blue Pearl / Black Pearl / White
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.013

The RipR is the first release from Morich that uses the new Unique core. This ball also uses a new Vigor HT pearl reactive cover combined with the new core. This combination provides a stronger downlane motion than previous releases such as the Craze and the Frenzy.

We found the RipR at its box finish to match up best with our medium test pattern. The RipR allowed each tester to play a few boards deeper than they normally do with most reactive pearls that we test. We attribute this to the new core and the sanded pearl box finish. All three testers were able to take advantage of the strong entry angle and all noticed an increase in knocking out the corners. When we did have to move in to chase the head oil, we found the RipR was still able to make the turn downlane with no trouble at all. What we usually see as we test balls that are at 4000 grit finish or lower is that as the oil carries down, the ball starts losing too much energy too early. We saw no hook-out from the RipR as the testing session progressed.

We found that Cranker had the best look on our oily test pattern, due to his higher rev rate. We hit all three test balls with a 2000 SiaAir pad to see increased traction with no loss of motion downlane. We wanted to test the limits of the RipR’s ability to maintain its strong back end reaction no matter what finish was used on it, so we took all three test balls down to a 1000 SiaAir finish. This made all three testers move even deeper into the pattern, due to the extra traction in the oil. Once again, all three experienced a strong motion downlane. Although not as strong as on the medium test pattern with the factory finish, it was still strong enough to get the job done.

Drier patterns will require larger angles to be used during the layout process, combined with longer pin placements to the PAP and a good coat of polish.

The RipR showed potential for all three testers on our sport pattern. It was a touch too strong at times in the midlane for Cranker, due to his higher rev rate.

Performance Ratings

The RipR is strongest from the midlane to the pins. The core/cover combination allows it to be aggressive at the breakpoint without being uncontrollable.
The 4000 SiaAir sanded finish gives the RipR moderate length on medium to oily patterns. At the box finish, this ball will match up best with medium-oily to oily patterns.
Back End16
The strong breakpoint gives the RipR plenty of recovery at the back end of the lane. It has the potential to make it back to the pocket from deeper angles, even after lowering the box finish grit.
Total Hook51
The RipR will fit between the Craze and the Mania as far as its overall hook potential. The majority of the overall hook from the RipR is seen in the back end of the lane. When looking for an oil ball with some pop on the back, the RipR fits the bill.


The ability to maintain its strong downlane motion no matter what surface we tried is what stood out to us. Those who really get into layouts and surface adjustments will really like this ball since a wide variety of reactions can be created.


Drier oil patterns will force players to use weaker pin-to-PAP layouts and add polish. Even with the combination of a weaker layout and polish, this ball will still be too strong for most on drier conditions.

Overall Summary

With the release of the RipR, MoRich continues to bring balls to market that offer a wide variety of ball reactions with different layouts and surface adjustments. This ball will match up best with medium to oily patterns for the vast majority of bowlers.

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