Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Time's Up
Reviewed:September 2011
Coverstock Specs
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:Polished
Color:Purple / Blue Pearl
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.000

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The Time’s Up is the first in a new series of balls from Radical which will be their mid-price line. The Time’s Up features a new, symmetrical core called Bull’s Eye. This ball gives Radical performance at a lower price tag than the Slants.

The easy length combined with the strong arcing back end matched up best with our medium test pattern for all three testers. The controlled movement of the Time’s Up! allowed both Cranker and Tweener to the play much closer to the track than they usually can on this pattern. Stroker had a good reaction on the medium pattern as well but the dry test pattern gave him an even better look. The extra friction this pattern offers gave him the necessary entry angle to knock all ten pins down.

The dry pattern forced both Tweener and Cranker about an arrow or so deeper than they were on the medium pattern. Since both of their rev rates are higher than Stroker’s, on the shorter pattern their Time’s Up! responded much more quickly to the friction. As long as both made good shots and kept the speed firm, they had no trouble getting to the pocket.

All three testers struggled with the Time’s Up on the oily test pattern. The combination of the length and volume of oil on this pattern was just too much for this ball. The combination of the the highest RG core from this brand and polished pearl cover will make this ball push too far down lane on this type of condition.

Our sport pattern offered a fair reaction for all three testers. Ball speed was key for all the testers. If we stayed slow and were nice to it at the bottom of the swing, the Time’s Up worked well. Where we got in trouble was trying to help it too much. That caused too much skid in the oil and a violent turn in the friction. Time’s Up will be best on sport patterns that have had a decent amount of play on them in addition to fresh patterns that offer more friction in the track

Performance Ratings

Even with Cranker’s speed and revs, this ball had a hard arc off the dry. Tweener and Stroker saw the same reaction and were able to keep this ball on line longer without having to worry about it overreacting.
The length is perfect for houses that do not apply a sufficient volume of oil to their lanes. The pearlized polished finish of the Time’s Up is the Radical piece of equipment to use when you need extra length.
Back End15
Although this ball doesn’t cover a lot of boards the last 20 feet, the Time’s Up offers enough recovery to get back to the pocket on medium to lighter patterns.
Total Hook46
The first symmetrical release for Radical provides the lowest total hook of the three Radical releases. The Time’s Up will provide the desired reaction when the Slants hooks too much.


The Time’s Up has excellent length with a controlled back end reaction. This is a ball that could work from start to finish for those who like to play in the friction.


Shiny pearlized bowling balls are not designed for high volumes of oil. Longer, wetter patterns will make the Time’s Up slide past the breakpoint.

Overall Summary

This ball should work perfectly on fresh conditions for those with slower ball speed and on medium conditions for just about anyone. This is Radical’s first ball that is not a high performance release.

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