Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Defiant Soul
Reviewed:February 2013
Coverstock Specs
Type:Hybrid Reactive
Box Finish:4000 Abralon
Color:Green and Gold Pearl / Purple Solid
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.017

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The Defiant Soul is smack dab in the middle of every category of performance between the original Defiant and the Defiant Edge. By using the same weight block, the differences in reaction are all attributed to the coverstock. This one comes out of the box at a 4000 Abralon finish and uses the 77H hybrid cover. This combination will give the masses the best reaction on heavier type oil patterns.

We matched up best with the Defiant Soul on our heavy test pattern. The Soul pushed down the lane and was able to give us more recovery on the slicker pattern than the Defiant Edge. We lowered the cover even more (down to a 2000 Abralon) and saw the same amount of hook as the Defiant, but the Soul was more angular down lane.

Moving to the medium pattern, Stroker and Tweener had a better reaction than Cranker. These testers were able to keep the Soul at the box finish by starting their ball deeper in the oil pattern and getting it to the friction. Cranker did not have this luxury and was forced near the left gutter pretty quickly. He took his ball to the spinner and applied Storm’s Step 2 Compound finish to give the ball a 1500 grit polish. The added length was what he needed to move back farther right and have the proper angles to strike on this pattern.

Stroker and Tweener also had the best reaction on our sport pattern. The 4000 finish gave them traction in the oil and miss room right of their targets. Cranker had too much hook again on this pattern, but this time he lowered the surface with the aid of a 2000 Abralon pad. The grittier finish smoothed out the breakpoint and made the Soul much easier to use on this pattern.

Only players who lack RPMs or have high ball speeds should even consider using the Defiant Soul on anything less than medium volume patterns. Even then, we have plenty of Roto Grip balls that are better options for short dry patterns.

Performance Ratings

Like all the ratings on the Defiant Soul, the torque is right between the Defiant and Defiant Edge. With the box finish, the breakpoint is a strong arc. When polished, it is closer to a skid/flip reaction.
The box finish gives this ball its read of the heads. The hybrid cover helps it store energy at the breakpoint.
Back End16
The oil pattern will dictate how strong the back end reaction will be. We saw much more back end on our medium pattern than we did on the heavy pattern.
Total Hook53
This ball fills the space between the Defiant and Defiant Edge. The majority of the hook from this ball takes place from the midlane.


The Defiant Soul is the hybrid cover addition to the Defiant family. Users can expect less total motion than the Defiant, but stronger than the Edge.


Trying to make this ball work on dry lanes will give users a headache. There are better options for these types of patterns.

Overall Summary

The Defiant Soul sits in the Roto Grip H4 line right between the Defiant and Defiant Edge. The Soul can be an addition to a current arsenal or can be a replacement for anyone still holding on to their Rogue Cell.

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