Bowler Ratings


Bowler ratings are from 1 to 10 in order of Stroker (ST), Tweener (TW), Cranker (CR)

General Info

Name:Raging Bull Charged
Reviewed:September 2011
Coverstock Specs
Name:AgRP Pearl Reactive
Type:Reactive Pearl
Box Finish:Polished
Color:Red / Gold
Core Specs
Int. Diff:0.020

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The Raging Bull Charged is a perfect complement to the Raging Bull. The Raging Bull is super strong in the midlane and very even and continuous at the back end. The Raging Bull Charged has some midlane read, but covers a lot more territory at the back end. The back end shape is more of an arc than other pearls on the market, but still stronger down lane than the Raging Bull.

The length and back end potential make this ball perfect for almost any type of medium condition. All three testers had the most success on our medium pattern with Cranker liking it the most. He was able to stay aggressive with his ball speed and rev rate and never had to worry about the ball not turning the corner.

Our oily condition offered moderate success. The box finish created too much skid, causing a slight over/under reaction. We needed to make some surface adjustments to all three test balls to improve this reaction. All three testers used a fresh 2000 Abralon pad to remove any trace of polish on the cover. The added friction created got the Charged to start up early enough to not blow past the breakpoint. The midlane read increased and the back end reaction smoothed out just enough, creating a nice, consistent move to the pocket.

On the dry lane we used the box finish, which allowed us to get to the pocket with moderate success. We would have preferred weaker layouts if we were to drill one of these specifically for dry conditions.

The sport pattern offered a better look than we usually have with pearlized equipment. Because the nature of the Charged is to be a little smoother down lane, it didn’t go sideways when it encountered the friction. This allowed us to stay in the dry longer, instead of trying to find oil to push the ball down lane.

Performance Ratings

As much as this ball flares, it actually takes away angle as the ball exits the breakpoint. The Raging Bull Charged is much smoother than other pearls on the market.
The polished pearlized cover pushes easily through the front of the lane. The strength of the coverstock keeps the Charged from squirting past the breakpoint.
Back End14.5
The back end is smooth and the added traction makes the action of the Raging Bull Charged more of a length and hook motion instead of the traditional skid/snap.
Total Hook48
On medium conditions this ball will give the perfect combination of length and total motion. The length provided by the polished cover matches up perfectly with the large flaring core to give more total hook throughout the entire lane than the traditional skid/flip nature of pearlized bowling balls.


The Raging Bull Charged’s unique ability to offer skid cleanly through the front and provide a large amount of traction in the midlane and back end are its biggest strengths. Larger total hook and a smoother transition are added benefits of this ball.


Large amounts of carrydown will cause some problems for the Raging Bull Charged. Because of the large flare provided, the Charged does not store as much energy for the back end as other pearls.

Overall Summary

The Raging Bull Charged is an asset to have in any bowler’s arsenal. As long as the lanes are not extremely wet or dry, the Raging Bull Charged will stay in play for several games.

The BTM Ball Testing Team

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